TWIT 812: Three Boof Bonsers

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Regarding 5G and turning it off to save the battery, this is the same advice we had with 3G and 4G when they were released.


Boof Bonser :joy: I said that one aloud a few times!

I don’t know about the Apple side, but I know the current gen Snapdragon 865 chip has a discrete radio for 5G comms, so power draw will be noticeably higher until the next gen Snapdragon integrates this into the SoC. One of the reasons this was the flagship cycle to skip in the Android world.

Fairly certain TikTok’s algorithm merely prioritizes popular clips. People like to talk about it with some mysticism, because the Wall St. guys do so, because an algorithm is some tangible IP that can easily be linked to a valuation.

Stadia… lol. Did anyone else watch Silicon Valley on HBO? I get the feeling there’s a gaggle of orphaned Stadia devs hanging out on a rooftop playing hackysack right now.

Can’t say I’ve ever been inside a Fry’s Electronics, but the Microcenter near me appears to be doing very well. Huge lines at the console and GPU launches, always a line at the registers whenever I visit. Truly blessed to have one close by!

Great show, enjoyed the panel.

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People working from home will be a problem for the economy. Working from home means you’re not using the trains, so the people at the station get made redundant, and then you’re probably not going to the café round the corner for lunch, so those people get made redundant, not to mention all of the staff that go into supporting the building you work in. So, as much as the post COVID world could be the roaring 20s, we will see The Great Depression version 2 if everyone decides they want to work from home

I don’t think 5G on phones will go anywhere. 4G will be good enough for most of your internet browsing needs I think but, for IoT devices in the street it might be useful

My friends who have sampled the Rush Limbaugh Show in the last few weeks have remarked about how creepy it is to have him commentating on current news. For example, when Tiger Woods had his car wreck last week, the producers dug up some Rush clips from another time that Tiger was in the news.

I imagine the same would be true for Deep Fake Leo. When Apple has a quarterly downturn in their revenue, we can dig out clips talking about how the company has lost its way without Steve Jobs.

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Interesting. Samsung definitely struggled with 5G on the 865 S20 FE. Not battery life, but it would struggle to switch from 5G to LTE and back reliably. You’d end up with no mobile data. A common workaround people used was turn off 5G. They seem to have improved it in the latest OS bug fix though.

I bought the S20+ 4G model, I save 100€ and we barely have 4G here and the likelihood of getting 5G in the next couple of years is next to zero… Battery lasts 2 days on average.