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Since show 899 is closed for comments, andI can’t post there, I figured a specific Twitter topic would work. I agree with Jack Dorsey that Elon is the single person he trusted with Twitter. Read it here:

I’m afraid I also have to disagree with the guest who went on a rant about Elon. While Elon may have some impulse control issues b/c he is on the spectrum with Asperger’s, his leadership, work ethic, and vision more than makeup for that. I’d also contend if it were the rightwingers complaining about him in this way, leftists would be claiming he was being attacked for his disability. Yet when leftists disagree with him, he’s suddenly “evil” and vile. That’s just petty and dishonest at best. At least be consistent.

The other thing that news story’s have updated us on is the Paul Pelosi story that the FBI has been investigating threats against Nanci Pelosi for years, so this isn’t an uncommon thing. So although we haven’t heard about it as we did with this particular one, it seems she, just like Republicans who have been almost killed by a nutcase Democrat while practicing for the senate baseball game (Steve Scalise), had neighbors attack them and send them to the hospital (Rand Paul), these attacks are not party specific nor uncommon. We are only 1.75 years out of a 5 year period where leftists were all for attacking Republicans, running them out of restaurants, with Democrat Congressmen and woman calling for attacks on them and threatening the Supreme Court itself.

So this problem is not party specific, but a problem that we all face as a society. With our leaders calling for physical attacks like Maxine Waters had, and Hillary just days ago talking about how she thinks Republicans are going to try to “steal” the mid-term elections, Our leaders are failing us left and right. I would hope that we would have more people from the middle of both persuasions.

The rumors you mentioned about Elon at the top of the show when talking about Twitter concerning firing people before they got their vested shares and the other ones have proven false, with Elon himself pointing those out on Twitter itself. So as usual, a lot of stuff tweeted about him or reported turns out to be false. We shold

The final thing I wanted to say is that while I understand Leo’s views on the Rittenhouse trial, I trust the jury’s decision. We’ve had our leaders claiming not to do so for the last few years, including Stacey Abrams in GA, Chuck Schumer threatening the Supreme Court on its steps, and more. That just undermines people’s belief in our society and our system. I trust our jury trial system, and even in cases where I’m not too fond of the decision, I trust that the jurors and the judge have all the evidence and are right most of the time.

Let’s try to speak the truth, not spread political hate and try to see others views, b/c when we can be respectful and discuss things respectfully and while trying to be good to one another, we all do better.

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Will do. Wasn’t trying to justify it or anything, more just it was an example.