TWIT 875: We Don't Talk About Elon

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Leo wants to know where the “mojo” is that Google lost. It’s in the Crapper. Unfortuatly to get it back would be to go private and dump the advertising business. Events that will never happen.


Tom Hillenbrand wrote a great novel, Montecrypto, about stable coin and the hunt to find the hidden treasure left behind after the creator disappears. Full of intrigue and actually very insightful.

A couple of videos came to mind as I was watching the live show. (Which, for me, includes the nearly 30mins of after show.)

The discussions about schools and their costs (which may have been in the after show) brought this video to mind because America apparently got “addicted” to the big money from Chinese student fees, and when covid hit that caused some financial issues:

As for how the black hole got imaged:

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I love TWIT, never miss an episode though I am usually a week behind when I get to listen. It’s been a busy week as well so just now getting to comment. I had to share due to the Ipod is Dead story that the way I still listen to Podcasts is old school. I have an Ipod Classic that I got for my birthday one year when they were being discontinued that I kept around and just started using about 1 year ago when my old one was crapping out. It works great even though I have to use Itunes which can be very annoying and wired head phones. Wonder if I am the last one doing that.