TTG 1889 for Saturday 30 April 2022

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The first caller (who I agree with) should have mentioned thot users can moderate their own content. If people are posting spam or pornography, block or do not follow them. Not complicated. I predict Elon Musk will put more user moderation features in there. Also, 4chan has a fraction of the users as Twitter. Not really a good comparison. The more users there are, the higher chance that what Leo was discussing does not happen.

Just my two cents.

Here’s a different perspective: The more users there are the more likely there is bots and spam, and then all the real people give up on the stream of garbage and move on with their lives and onto the next new thing. This is what happened to past services I believe, like MySpace and Tumblr. It’s what is happening to FaceBroke and likely would happen to Twitter no matter what, but if Elon makes it a spam and bot haven, it will just happen all the more quickly. The only sites that develop real community are the ones, like this site, or like Reddit, have careful and protective moderation.

For the caller with Prodigy email: I agree with Leo about migrating to Gmail. Gmail is also allows you to send from other addresses another thing I’d suggest is to add an email signature that includes the new Gmail address.