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I sat down to watch what I hoped was going to be an episode of TWIT but instead we got another episode of In this Week of Political Correctness.

Thats it for me. Bye


Oh yeah. Nobody holds a candle to Iain Thompson on political correctness


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Boy I really have to wonder when someone defines a conversation about racial justice and fairness as “politically correct.”

For a long time (too long really) I’ve tried to keep our shows away from the difficult political issues of the day. But tech intersects politics in many ways these days. And things like re-thinking the use of terms like master/slave and blacklist/whitelist are very much appropriate topics for our show.

Sorry you don’t like it, but I really don’t care. I’m sure you can find other shows to listen to where your beliefs aren’t challenged.


It was an excellent discussion, @Leo, and I do see its relevance to tech.


Echoing @MacPhyle - these discussions are incredibly important today, To pretend that the events of the day have no impact on technology and the uses to which it is put is ridiculous.

I was horrified to learn that @ant_pruitt puts on the equivalent of safety-orange clothes so that he doesn’t get mistaken for … whatever. That he has had to modify his life in that way speaks to the relevancy of what is going on.

@ant_pruitt - I can’t apologize enough. I can’t do anything about your neighborhood, but I can at least recognize what is going on and do everything I can to stamp it out when I see it.

Be well - all of you.


As for the whole “master” and “slave” discussion; the word “master” is all over technology from the “master” password to the “master” tape and “remastering” music.
As for Zoom, though, what else are you going to use? If you need screen sharing, and to host private meetings, there is nothing else. Google Meet is an alternative, but that’s Google, so I don’t trust them because they make their money by advertising.
Skype and Teams don’t work for me, and Jitsi doesn’t let me do MySQL authentication or screen sharing.

I agree with you on the Master part. It’s when it’s used in conjunction with slave that it just sounds wrong. I remember thinking that when I was a kid, and that was back in the late 70s/early 80s.


Yeah I don’t think using “master” and saying master password is bad but it is when you use it with slave I can see where people may look at it and be like “Can we not use something else?”

As far as politics go: I don’t like them. I hate politics HOWEVER there is a lot of instances where you have to talk about them right along with tech so I don’t fault anyone about it. I have very different beliefs than 80% of people on TWiT but they are entitled to their opinion just like I am entitled to mine. Sometimes I wish I was on to debate them on things they say but I’m not. I listen and the show moves on. I thought it was a great show.


Great show, and Terry Thomas complete with inneuendos, what more could you ask for?

A good laugh, as well as being serious this week, I think it had the right mix of stories.

One thing, Intel have had chips for different platforms since the late 90s, early 2000s, just that their low power, mobile versions leave a lot to be desired in the low power and/or performance stakes.

ARM comes at it from the other end, it is low power, with increasing performance, but they are still a long way behind desktop, workstation and server chips. It will be interesting to see, who can get their complete product palette out there first.


Thanks, man. I appreciate the message getting amplified. This week’s show was GREAT. I freakin needed that interaction with people I truly enjoy. Miss Warren and Mr “past participle” Thomson are awesome to chat with. And we all know I love giving Mr Laporte a hard time. Love that man.


He’s so dadgum FUNNY. Can’t wait to get out with him for a pint, dram and greasy grub


Yes, and in the first 10 minutes or so, with The Register headline about Dick out…

But I totally agreed with him, when it came to the “Master” conversation. There are dozens of meanings to the word that have nothing to do with slavery. Removing it from ZFS (master/slave) makes sense. Removing it from Git, where it is the “digital master” equivalent (i.e. the original or authoratative copy) is silly.


I agree with @vernonlvincent, I grew up in a small town in the UK and, apart from the local Indian restaurant, we didn’t have any coloured people in our town, or at least I never saw any, until I was a teenager. We would see coloured people if we went to London or Brighton for a day out, but not at home.

Then the local postmistress adopted African twins. They were treated with respect and wonder in the school at first, because they were exotic and different. This feeling has stayed with me, throughout my life. I always see people, regardless of creed or colour, as special and interesting and I like to find out more about their cultures and backgrounds.

Over time, I have experienced racism as well as having seen it. From my upbringing, I’ve never understood it, I still can’t. Everybody is interesting and everybody has a story to tell. It makes me sad and angry, when I see people being mistreated for what they are, whether that be race, religion, sexuality or disability etc. I’ve watched some films and documentaries, where I become so impotent with rage, that I physically can’t watch it further and have to turn it off or leave the room.

I can’t begin to understand how somebody like @ant_pruitt must feel, when they go out in public, that they feel they have to dress up in day-glo colours, so they don’t scare or surprise people.

All I can do is hope that we are now at a turning point and we can live in a world where we see the wonder of the people around us, that we can enrich our knowledge by meeting and exchanging views with people who are “different” than ourselves.


There are hundreds of applications out there. We use TeamViewer for screen sharing (free for private use, reasonably priced for commercial use).

I didn’t know people still used TeamViewer. Interesting.

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We have to support around 500 PCs over 4 locations in Germany and North Carolina, USA. It is great for remote support.


I used to like it because windows rdp got on my nerves. I liked the ftp option in TeamViewer, too.


With a British mom I grew up on scotch eggs and all the other foods Ian mentioned.To which my dad said “the reason Britain tried to conguer the world was not for power but a better take away menu :thinking:


I tried to get my wife and my step-daughters to try Marmite… Not a good idea, but more for me.