TWIG 571: The First Rule of Pixel Club

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I loved the show and SPECIALLY I loved @JeffJarvis 's tik tok and talking about it… I wish everyone in TWiT read my commentary in the thread of TWIT 780: The Great Firewall of America I wish you all had a perspective on what a geek who lives outside America but who’s country is being controlled by the US thinks about it

I apologise if it looks spammy but believe me it is of high importance, maybe the US will not do anything… But I am sure if he is not stopped Trump will pull the strings to convince other countries specially mine to ban it



FYI on an Intelligence Squared discussion about diet and nutrition one of the few things the panel
Agreed on was that the best indicator of the health and diversity of you microbiome (gut bacteria) is how many legumes you consumes.

From the show notes:

We spend as much time on the Pixel 4a announcement as Google did.

Ummmm. Not really. I know that AAA did quite a bit about Pixel 4A, but it seems like a real miss that TWiG said next to nothing about the Pixel 4A.

Appears to be no mention on the big Sunday TWiT show either.

I hate modern TV documentaries, for example. They seem to all use the same format, they will tell 3 or 4 separate stories, but they never tell a complete story, they will do the first 5 minutes of story 1, then 5 minutes of story 2, then 3 and 4, then back to 1 for another 5 minutes.

I just want to watch the whole darned story in one shot. This jumping around drives me nuts. I end up usually watching something else.

One thing we have found lately is that we watch FTA TV and just watch “something”, because we can’t be bothered to search for something on Prime. Mainly because there is so much crud to wade through, until you find a few hidden gems, that we often spend 30 minutes looking, watching the odd trailer and then just give up and go and do something else instead.

We play a lot more board and card games, since COVID.

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The fact that I don’t recall any discussion about the 4A from this show probably underscores your point. Then again, I am not a die-hard Pixel fan or in the market now for an inexpensive phone, so I find it is hard to get excited about a mid-tier device with a months-long saga of leaks and delays. Maybe there is a bigger conversation to be had about what the whole Pixel strategy is/should be, but the TWiT crew has had that conversation many times, and not that long ago IIRC.

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“Uppity was” an outstanding documentary that’s modern day, in my opinion.

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I’m sure @JasonHowell will have a lot to say about the 4a on the next All About Android.

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Oh heck yes you will, First Look on tonight’s episode and a full review on Hands-on Tech in a few weeks. So far I’m loving this device. It’s pretty remarkable for $350.