TWIG 578: Find the Cat

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I expect haters to hate all the political stuff even though the lines between tech and politics are so blurred, but I really love this episode. Great conversation!

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… and here I come walking through the door, grumbling about chief tech apologist Jeff. Perfectly regular Friday / Saturday. :wink: Like a breakfast club. Same topics, different day. Feels like home.

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Yes, Jeff is always “it’s just #technopanic and what is wrong with being tracked?”

And I am, “everything is wrong with tracking, it just isn’t necessary and it is an unwelcome intrusion into my life that I do everything I can to stop.”

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I’m simultaneously horrified and delighted that Facebook knows me well enough to tell me about the new farmer’s market nearby offering contactless ordering.


Yeah. That, coupled with the Gutenberg refrain, feels more like personal brand building and solidifying than looking left and right, finding new and contrasting evidence, and - with time - refined views.

It’s interesting how this might simply be required to maintain (a modern academic career with) a public profile: you have got to have one theme and hammer that home with catch phrases and clear labels. Identifiability beats variation every day.

I suppose that makes personal brands that position on finding new ideas feel more rewarding with time. That might be one reason for Leo’s magnetism as a host: always looks at the world with big eyes, wondering, never seems set on one idea. Maybe there’s benefit in a balanced contrast between a wondering host and determined, answering co-hosts. #TWIGmusings

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@Leo what Vixia model do you use?