I rarely actually unsubscribe from shows that have ended out of hope that they’ll someday return. For example, subscribers to Jeff Cannata & Anthony Carboni’s “We Have Concerns” just got a surprise in their feeds after nearly 2 years of no new episodes!

Looking at my podcast app, I see I’m still subscribed to these dead podcasts: Anime Boston Concast, Autopilot, BBLiveShow, Coding 101, DIAF, Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour, FourCast, FSL Tonight, Game On, Meeting Famous People, & Triangulation. :sweat_smile:


Isn’t FourCast continued on by Tom Merritt and Scott Johnson? I thought they took that one independent.

They’re doing Current Geek (which has resurrected Autopilot within it), but as far as I know FourCast has ended.

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Pommster: Thanks for that info! I am assuming if I send a message that way, it will be private, right?

Yes, it will be a private message

Pommster: I just tried to start the PM I wanted. On the subject line, the advice flag says:
“What is this discussion about …?” Discussion? That word sure doesn’t do much to assure me of the privacy I want. Am I worrying too much?

You’re worrying too much. It’s the same as subject.

Thanks Pommster! I go forth and PM!

Sorry for the diversion, everyone.

Sad to see the show get canceled. A notice of what was happening would have been nice. Stsy strong the economy will improve and I will stay a loyal listener.