TWICH 558: Console Spec-tacular!

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It’s a shame that this is the last show

Some of the talk was ever so geeky at times, when talking about the nuances of benchmarking and whatnot, but was a good source for analysis of why Intel did this or AMD did that.


I particularly enjoyed watching the live stream. The stuff that didn’t make it into the recording, like the conversations with the TD during setup, and some of the good-natured sniping between the hosts, was often nearly as entertaining for me as the technical content.

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On this show was listed as retired. Is the show going away or was it accident?

This was the last episode per a Leo/Lisa blog post.

Edit: Here’s that blog post:


This is a shame. Is there another podcast out there that can replace the information I get from TWICH

Maybe PC Perspective’s podcast? That’s who Sebastian Peak works for and I think a lot of information on TWiCH is gleaned from.

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There was a lot of overlap between TWiCH and PC Perspective. When I wanted a more abbreviated review of topics, I listened to TWiCH and when I had time for a more in-depth listening experience, I went with PC Perspective. I went over to PC Perspective’s YouTube channel today and subscribed to offer them my support.


A note that TWiT next Sunday (2020 April 19) is the 15th anniversary episode and is slated to feature Patrick Norton along with some of the others (Kevin Rose and Robert Heron I believe.)