Missing Leo and his podcasts

Wow, I was really sorry to read the email at the end of December, stating that TWIT.tv has cancelled a lot of shows. My favorite - of the ones cancelled was Hands on Mac. I also see that Leo has been replaced in some shows.

Leo may be taking less of a role in the shows, but when he isn’t in the shows, they just don’t seem to be as much fun as when he is in them. It’s like when there was a guest host on The Tonight Show (and Johnny was off- so went the tv). I will still be watching MacBreak Weekly and The Tech Guy, but IOS today, is going to be a not so much. I just can’t stand hearing about Shortcuts all the time.

I have never been a loyal listener of iOS Today because I don’t run iOS on anything I care about. (I have access to an aged iPad 4 that is no longer supported and so I rarely use it.) I thought any Shortcuts content would be specifically relevant for the “Smart Tech Today” show.