Is there any info shared by Leo on the most and least listened to TWIT Shows?

Which ones are the most popular and which ones are the least?. Numbers would be nice too.

Unless you’re planning to run for mayor of the least popular show, what possible use could such information provide you?

Satisfy my curiosity.

Well I’m not Leo but if it were my business, I wouldn’t be sharing any specific numbers, as nothing good can come from that. I can use some simple logic and deduction to come up with the following, though:

The most popular shows are the longest running. They’ve stayed running so long because they were popular. I assume the shows that Leo doesn’t actively host are less popular than the ones he does host. So that probably means This Week in Tech is the most popular show, followed by Security Now, MacBreak Weekly, and Windows Weekly. I presume All About Android would come next simply because it has such a large potential audience. This Week in Google seems to generate a lot of discussion here, but it isn’t clear if that is an indicator of the popularity of the show, or just indicative that some of the content are hot button topics.

The least popular shows have all mostly been cancelled unless there is a reason for them to continue onward (say, they are still showing promising growth or they are a pet project.) I think FLOSS Weekly is probably such a pet project that isn’t generally as popular as other shows, but hangs around because of Leo’s personal interest.

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I think I found the list of most and least popular:

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Nailed it @PHolder - I think TWiG is a little above AAA but otherwise the ranking is accurate.

Our show numbers are pretty volatile, but the biggest shows are over 100,000 listeners per episode - TWiT is often 150K - the littler ones around 30K. Anything less than 30K is hard to sell.

We’re considering ways to support smaller shows with devoted audiences. I hate to be limited to what we can sell.


TWiT is the most listened to show and is assume on the the super niche ones (Ham Nation or FLOSS Weekly) are the least.