Trying to figure out what's going on with my computer

Just went back to check on the computer and memtest froze again. After it restarted it got another Windows recovery error that said something about there being a problem with the a digital signature then restarted and I’m getting there kernel error again.

Finally got it to boot into Windows (it sees all the RAM), gonna run Cinebench to see if it crashes.

Update 2023-11-28T00:46:00Z:
While installing Gigabyte App Center the system restarted and crashed again showing that kernel error.

What motherboard do you have?

Here’s a link to the build on PCPartPicker

I read that several times and my smooth brain slid over it every time.

EDITED: It’s marked as private and I can’t see it.

Hi again, sorry for disappearing I got really busy with school work and then went on vacation with my family over the holidays. I’ve finally got around to doing more troubleshooting. I started memtest just over half an hour ago, and through 1 pass, there are no errors. How many more passes should I run? Any other troubleshooting suggestions (to make sure the system is actually stable)?

Update 2024-01-03T23:50:00Z*: on 4th pass no errors.

2024-01-04T04:25:00Z*: I stopped it about half an hour ago. Computer is booting, but the computer freezes /oddly, except the cursor) after login.

* Times are approximate (were added in an edit)

Okay, passing memtest86 is a huge step. The next step is to prove the processor is sane still. Can you boot a live Linux distro of some sort and download prime95? (mprime on linux) You can use that to run a torture test. Just run the mprime program from the directory you untar’ed it to. Answer that you’re just there to torture test and accept all of the defaults after that. Let that run for a day. If it lives, you can be confident that the hardware is good. At that point, it’s just software–if your windows install is unstable, you may need to reinstall. :frowning:

I ended up running another round of memtest. It passed, but when I exited it, the computer posted and then bluescreened. Gonna reinstall.

2024-01-04T23:24:00Z: I was able to boot the computer but about a minute after I logged in, the monitor randomly lost signal, then I power-cycled it, and it froze between when I dismissed the lock screen and the login screen loading then I power-cycled again and the monitor wouldn’t pick up a signal.

Fixed the link

Might be the GPU, then. That’s the other part we haven’t tested.

Many modern motherboards attempt to overclock aspects of the system on “auto” settings. This includes the memory settings (DOCP or XMP or whatever they’re calling it these days.) I would disable any of the auto overclocking in the BIOS/UEFI and set the memory at it’s non-overclocked speed. For example DDR4 memory that is sold as “DDR4 3000 (PC4-24000) C16 Desktop Memory” is really 2400MHz memory that has been tested to be able to be pushed harder to 3000Mhz, but frequently will use more power to do it. So turn off any of the memory over clocking too.

Also, update your BIOS/UEFI if you haven’t recently. More recent BIOS versions get newer memory tables and also get newer system support for them (like a new AGESA for AMD machines.)

Then once you can get your machine working for a week at the slower settings… then you can try something like trying a different memory speed or other overclocking possibilities that the motherboard allows. Or maybe be happy you’ve found a working configuration, and don’t mess with it.

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I did when I was troubleshooting when I was working with a Corsair reps on the RMA that I got this RAM kit from.

What do you recommend?

Do you have another GPU (even an old one) that you can swap in for a test?

I don’t have another GPU. But it’s also flaky when plugged in to the integrated graphics. Could be the monitor.

I’ve seen unpredictable stuff like this with a bent LGA pin.

Might be worthwhile (carefully) removing your CPU to check you didn’t damage any while putting the CPU in situ.

On the PCI-E lines, maybe? we’ve proven out the memory pins.

Seems like the video issue was just caused by a loose connection. After jiggling the hdmi cable a bit video is back but it’s still freezing while logging in and crashing when I try to run cloud reinstall.

On a tangentially related note, I’m now computerless. I initiated a BIOS update on my laptop, it’s stuck “Flashing Embedded Controller”. What should I do?

Finally got around to making the recovery drive but I’m having display issues again.

It failed saying it had some problems with the WindowsApps folder. I’ve gotten it to boot again but it’s still doing the freezing thing.

I finally got around to bringing the computer to Canada Computers a couple of weekends ago. Last update I got (on Saturday) was that the system passed their diagnostic and they weren’t able to reproduce the problem.

Which of the following is more likely?
  • The issue just went away
  • The issue has something to do with the peripherals I use with the system
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