TNW 103: Weight-ing On Libra

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listening to @ant_pruitt talking about Blackberry is nostalgic.

In the early days in my country when we had Symbian OS for Nokia, 90% of business people will use a BB instead of Nokia (Communicator/E Series) as it was much easier to send emails from a BB.

And when the iPhone came out and the newer Nokia N series came out, BB still had a grip with enterprise users. Sure installing the BB server on premise is expensive but because of the price paid and already having a high user base; updates in both BB OS and Security was up to date.

This included for nearly all of their BB lines, from the Bold Series to the Storm series. Something which made it good.

Additionally, BlackBerry Messenger was a gift from the Gods. Apple iMessage was still new and did not work in my country at that point in time.

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BBM was sooooo hip back then :fist_right:t4::tumbler_glass:

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I always look forward to the guests who appear on this show, but of course I understand that can’t happen some times… But even without guests, this was such a thoughtful and well reasoned discussion by @mikahsargent and @ant_pruitt . Thank you for the great episode! :clap:


Means a lot. Really appreciate that @MacPhyle. Doing well? Gonna watch our Google commentary ?

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Definitely looking forward to the Google commentary. :grin:


Just started listening to show (had to catch up on other podcasts first).

Just a comment on the Blackberry Storm: like Ant, I initially loved the Storm. It was my first smartphone, and the initial experience was good. I liked the idea of a screen that had the tactility of a keyboard - the screen would depress with a little pressure - and the implementation of it worked well enough. It was definitely an innovative design.

The issues with the device were mostly related to the OS (BB OS 4), which got progressively worse with bugs/crashes and slowdowns for me, until I finally accidentally cracked the screen and had to get a new phone. That soured me on BB OS, though supposedly later iterations got a lot smoother and fixed many of the bugs.

Can we get more of Mikah’s freestyle raps about old tech?

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I need to personally thank Mikah Sargent for making the important distinction between macarons and macaroons—it drives me crazy when people mix up the two.


Currently catching up with TNW, so sorry this is a bit late. Just wanted to say I loved the long, in-depth conversation between Mikah and Ant on the show this week. These kinds of discussions are the whole reason I watch TWiT. Great job, guys!


Agreed. This is TWiT’s superpower, in-depth discussion between people with a real passion for the subject.


Following up on the Libra story, Mastercard CEO stomps all over Libra, implying it smelled all sorts of wrong to him:

I don’t have the original source but it came from a BBC correspondent’s Twitter so hopefully has been checked. Apologies if I shouldn’t have attached to an old thread but it seemed like a relevant context.

Update: found the original, it’s online at the Financial Times. Use the Twitter link as that appeared to bypass the paywall for me: