TWIT 765: Holds Each Cheek Separately

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The podcast failed to download on PocketCast today.

Downloaded here OK (Android). Just about to listen while getting some (indoor) exercise :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great to see Leo in the main studio.Is social distancing order over where they are at?

It is streaming for me, but it won’t download for some reason. Will be a problem on the way home as there is no signal for the first half of the journey…

No, they were social distancing. John was the only other one there, 20 feet away. :grin:

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Leo kept mentioning a open source chat/conference app he is using. I could not get the name well enough to find it, what is it?

The app you seek is Jitsi or maybe more specifically Jitsi Meet

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Looks like installing it on Ubuntu or Debian is more than just a simple apt install as @Leo mentioned:
Need to add a repository 1st and then do the install.

Jason kept referring to government entities running huge old Cobol apps. It’s not even close to only government, a lot of big businesses, especially banks and insurance companies.

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Was fine on iOS Pocket Casts. Mine is set to auto download and it was just there.

You could just get hold of the .deb files and install that way. Installing repository for easy updating via apt. I’ve seen a lot more complicated installs.

Literally the other end of the room!

I was surprised at how they all agreed to give up all their privacy rights to allow the government to track movement, tag people who might be sick or whatever to prevent this virus. Each time a guest mentioned they would be willing to do it, they added the caveat to make sure it didn’t end like the Patriot Act… But guess what… It will be worse than the Patriot Act and the government never gives up rights you give it.

Can someone explain how Jitsi works? More specifically the on boarding experience? What’s the deal with having a server? Do I need that?

I teach music lessons remotely(now). Most of my clients use FaceTime since it’s built in to the devices. But I’ve found the audio experience to be the worst for this (compression algorithm with loud instruments). Skype does a much better job. Zoom supposedly has the best audio options. I’ve only offered Zoom as an enhanced audio experience and so far only 4 have used it (and even then, they didn’t pay attention cuz they need win/Mac laptop for the experience). I saw Jitsi has “HD Audio” but I don’t know what that means, or what audio options we have.

I really like where I call the client at their time(and not them calling me). I suppose a second option would be having a waiting room I can control. I know the appeal of Zoom and others is the ability to not need an account, though I don’t see how that’s advantageous in my situation.

If it matters, I have 200MB down/12MB up (damn Spectrum).

Theory, not Jitsi specific:
In theory for communication between TWO people you could arrange to communicate with each other without requiring any server. The server would be helpful, however, for the two of you to be able to “find” each other’s communication clients. If you have more than two people, having a server helps because you each send one stream to the server, which means it has as many incoming streams as their are participants in the conversation. The server mixes them all together (deciding who is talking over whom if necessary) and then sends out the same number of streams back out… one to each participant. If each client handled all this, it would overwhelm the bandwidth of the users with so many streams coming in from the other participants.

TL;DR: Yes, a server is necessary.

EDIT, here’s a pic and some math:

For ‘n’ participants, there are n-1 other people that need to be contacted for everyone to be included. The math actually works out to be n for a server and the sum (n-1) + (n-2) + … 3 + 2 + 1 connections without a server, which has a formula for the sum. (The sum of the numbers from 1 to n is n(n+1)/2 . ) So since we need a channel in each direction, we need to multiply by 2, so then it works out for 2n with a sever and 2(n-1)(n)/2 or n(n-1) or nearly n^2.

A table of connections for small values:

Indeed, I did appreciate that the referenced why this happens. Why pay Millions of dollars to update a system to modern architecture that will not provide any new features, and may well introduce a bug that is patched by the current system.

I’m a fan of modern software. I beta test just about everything they will allow me to but if something just works…I don’t pay 100’s to change it. I let it be.

Awesome, now now off to play with a new toy!

Pardon? :smile: Do you mean dollars?


The app you seek is Jitsi or maybe more specifically Jitsi Meet

not as easy to install as it appears seams to be using java and wants lots of ports open no thanks