TTG 1913 for Saturday 30 July 2022

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Thanks for the tip-off that Amazon Drive is going next year. I don’t use it for storage, but it is a very useful way of getting ‘file-level’ access to the photos you’ve uploaded to Amazon. I use it all the time for tidying up, moving photos into folders, sorting duplicates etc. Hope they don’t remove that feature too.

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Hello Leo,
I think I mentioned this program before re; stopping spam on your emails.

They have a mobile version for both phone versions.

It’s not free but it does work extremely well.
(They do have a free version but only good for one Account.

Link to Mail Washer Pro…

But…They also offer a Life Time License as well.
Based in CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand.

Long time user with no affiliation to either MWP or Firetrust.

Regs, Mike23…

Thought you might like to know that on question 4 of the Slate News Quiz for Friday, July 29, asking for the name of the Russian arms trafficker - one of the possible choices was Boris Badenov. Love your shows (and the funny accents).