Thoughts on Pixel 4?

I just ordered the Pixel 4 XL to replace my Pixel 2 XL. The new camera and the 90hz display made me do it.


I almost feel like the announcement relied too heavily on assuming everyone knew the leaks. I really can’t wait to see the cameras put through its paces and compared to the iPhone’s. I’m all about this Camera battle!:popcorn: I’m also curious if the Radar sensor will catch on, or fade away into obscurity.

How is everyone feeling on the price? The Pixel 3 felt very expensive for the hardware inside it. Especially the anemic RAM compared to much less expensive phones on the market. Do people feel the 4 did enough to justify $799?


The computational photography has been pretty dadgum good with a single lens. Now you have the tele in addition to the standard lens and the TOF sensor to work with regarding computational photography. I’m excited to play with one.


Well, I feel like Google is banking on things like the Soli radar being enough of a perceived value to justify. The actual utility of the radar remains to be seen, but they have integrated it into the security model of the phone so that forces people to rely on it to a degree. The cameras and computational stuff is awesome, of course. Some will say "just wait for the 4a whenever it will come out) to get that stuff at half the cost. 90Hz display is one of those features that, once you live with it for a few days, your eyes are pretty spoiled. Having said that, I’ve reverted from the OnePlus 7T back to my Pixel 3 XL for the past few weeks and I have been A-OK on a non-high refresh display and haven’t really thought about it. So maybe its a nice to have more than a must have. Overall, I’m excited to get the new phone (as I always am.) Mostly for the camera features if I’m honest.


Certainly not enough to justify me replacing my P2XL. I don’t do much picture taking (usually just receipts) and the radar thing kind of looks gimmicky, although it has potential if it is developed right. Updates for the P2 are guaranteed through October 2020 so I will see what the P5 looks like next year :slight_smile:


I missed the announcement. Can someone “cliff note” the phone? I have a Pixel 2XL and my wife has an original Pixel XL that we are considering trading in for the new phones. So far, the fact that they have Qi is a benefit to me.

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Pixel 4: best camera yet, more computational photography, SOLI radar chip for gesture control, on board language processing so most Google Assistant queries don’t leave the phone for processing.

That’s what I got out of it.


I popped for the orange 4XL. My current 2XL is still running fine, but I’ve been feeling the new phone itch for a while. The new One Pluses were looking pretty good, but I really like the Pixel series.


It’s nice, especially with what the new camera system can do ( to be tested), still think that if it is going to be my daily driver, i need more storage, and may be a bit more battery juice.

Same here. I am retiring my (beloved) Pixel 2 XL for the Pixel 4 XL - due to arrive on the 25th. I am sure the screen will be fantastic, but I’m most psyched about the camera, the voice recording, and the on-device Assistant AI.

ordered mine. orange.

EDIT: Canceled the Google order and so had to give up orange. Amazon just had too good a deal. $100 gift card and, it looks like, earlier shipment. Plus, I get 5% back on my Amazon purchases. No orange available so I went with white.

I will stick with my Pixel until Ting moves over to Verizon, then I will have to get a new phone.

Big fan of the orange color.

I just dropped way too much money after the Microsoft event to justify buying a new phone. I think I’ll wait until Google inevitably drops the price or has some sort of Promo in 2 months for Christmas.

Plus I think orange is sold out already.

All that said I think less $100 would have gone a long way to sell this phone to the general public. Granted most normal people are going to buy whatever the VZW rep tells them to at a discounted rate, so maybe that doesn’t matter too much.

The camera is obviously the big selling point and I think from the pictures they did a good job of making it look cool, which isn’t easy considering every phone ever looks exactly the same.

All and all it is more appealing to me than when the 3 came out.

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Good man!!! :fist_right:

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Nice. I too will wait for the Christmas price break then decide.

Really impressive, but had this have an ultra-wide camera, I’d call it a no-brainer get vs the other flagships. Now not so sure.

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Yeah the missing ultra-wide is a big bummer. I love that camera option.

Following all these smartphone announcements, I realize we’re in a pretty awesome place with Smartphone tech. There’s enough competition that every year we see technology do amazing things to get around pesky laws of physics and do more with less. At the same time, the tech is mature enough that the phones we bought 3 years ago do everything we’d like them to.

All of the shiny with none of the FOMO :joy::tada:

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Well, I ordered a 4XL for my wife, replacing an original Pixel.
Trying to decide if I want one, or if I should just go with a 3.

Just went to a retailer here in Australia and they already had a live demo unit of the 4XL on display.

These are locked down and software restricted so I couldn’t test much, but it makes a good impression in person.

Gestures via Soli seems like a gimmick, still not convinced of its usefulness yet. They had the Pokemon demo available but the gestures used in that a very generic and don’t seem impressive as a demo.

The demo didn’t have face unlock available so I couldn’t test that. The camera seems ok, telephoto quality does look good on the phone screen if you are into it.

The top bezel is there but not distracting in use.

Overall while I am a bit critical of some of Google’s decisions this year, it does seem like a good device. I’m actually considering it now when I wasn’t after the presentation.