Pixel 4 Launch on the 15th

So is anyone excited about the Pixel 4 launch? I’m excited to see if all the leaks were correct but that’s about it. At this point all these phones seem pretty much the same and I am probably the exception to the rule, but I could really care less about camera/picture quality. Also, it seems every time a new phone comes out it is so overpriced its ridiculous.

I am actually hoping for a new Wear OS and Pixel Watch, but I’m not holding my breath!


I am actually pretty happy so far with the Fossil sport my wife bought for me.


Yeah, i would love some updates to WearOS

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Im pretty happy with Wear OS as is. The only thing I would like to see in an update is to give us the ability to use any of our apps on watch as a tile.


It seems convenient that my Pixel 2 it’s acting glitchy just before the Pixel 4 launch :grin:

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Lol. I haven’t had any problems with my pixel 2 xl (so far).

Oh please no, don’t jinx me. I need my phone to last at least 2 more years.

I would love to see a Pixel watch but I’ve kinda given up on that at this point. Maybe one day.

What I’m most interested in at this point, maybe because we have the least leaks, is New Pixel Buds.

Also New Google Nest WiFi!!

I’ve also been rocking this for a while now. No complaints, it’s a pretty good watch. Obviously not up to par with the Apple Watch but pretty good.

I’m excited for the 4a. Rocking the OG Pixel and my battery is on a steady decline.

I am not personally interested in pixel buds (im driving a truck 11 hours a day so I listen to music through truck stereo), but what really intrigued me lately is the amazon echo eyeglasses. No hud, just regular lenses but it has a tiny mic and speakers. Now those I would buy in a hot fast minute if it had “Ok Google” on it.

I am very much anticipating the Pixel 4 announcement. I’m overdue sitting on a Note 5 on fumes. Works fine except battery is toast at this point. Debating between the Note 10+ and the Pixel 4. Not trusting rumors. Waiting to see. Welcome thoughts on preferences between the two.

The Pixel looks cool, but every Smart Phone I have ever owned has been Samsung. So, I really like their launcher.

I still have 1 payment left on my Samsung S8. I bought it right after the S9 came out. So, no plans to buy another Smart Phone. I want another 2 years out of it…

Die hard Android guy here, all the way back to my OG Droid w/ slider KB & rooting/unlocking it and installing Pete’s Bugless Beast ROM.

I currently use a Pixel3XL for my daily driver, and I’m a tad underwhelmed w/ the 4XL specs, primarily battery and lack of wide angle lens.

I’ll wait a bit after the launch and see what the reviews say. But I hope there is something we haven’t seen in the leaks that will wow me.

Positives… ecstatic they ditched the stupid notch, and Android 10 is pretty amazing. I love gesture nav.

I’m still on my Pixel 2XL, which really doesn’t have any problems yet. I skipped the 3 series, but will probably pull the trigger on the 4 on the 15th.

Maybe its just me but … I’m very sure I will not spend anywhere near $1000 for a phone no matter. Especially after last year. Yes I was one that paid full price from the Pixel 3XL only to have google drop the price in just a few months.


S8 with ugly screen crack here. I will be contemplating the Pixel 4a once it is launched. May consider Pixel 4 if it’s price is lower than the initial price of the Pixel 3.

Tmobile has dropped Pixel 3a price to $299.99. May consider that if Pixel 4a is not launched with Pixel 4.


I was using the original Pixel XL right up until something happened after my upgrade to Android 10 where it restarts randomly. Even factory reset it back to Android 7 via the official Google way and no luck. So, I have to use my partner’s old iPhone 6S Plus until I get the Pixel 4 XL. Can’t wait! Kinda stinks that the original Pixel XL couldn’t handle Android 10 and something got seriously broken on it.
I’d not reccomend upgrading to Android 13 in 3 years if you guys still are rockin’ the Pixel 4, 'cause you never know.

I have had a Fossil Watch Sport for about a year now, and love that Snapdragon 3100 CPU speed and extended battery life. It feels comfortable and light. I had the LG Watch Sport before this and it was too bulky, and I had the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE before that and the fit was terrible!
I miss not having a speaker though.
The new Fossil Gen 5 watches look great for the extended battery mode that does more than just show the time and they have a speaker apparently, so I’d recommend that if there’s no “Pixel Watch” revealed tomorrow.

For cost-saving, I’d get a OnePlus 7T Pro to save money. It gets updates from Google very fast apparently. For raw performance, I’d go with the ASUS ROG phone.

Yeah, you may want to wait for the “Pixel 5” unless that Soli Radar sensor really captures you.