Is it worth upgrading to a Pixel 4?

I currently have a Pixel 2 XL, is it worth upgrading to a Pixel 4 or 4 XL? I have heard some say that it is not enough of an upgrade for Pixel 3 owners.



Depends on what you use your current phone for and how happy you are with it.


I work in IT, I would say I am moderate to heavy user, I am an avid photographer that because of work and young kids has little time to pull out his DSLR. I like to have as good a camera in my pocket as I can. I have never been much of a Samsung or Apple fan. Which is why I have had a Google device since the 6p.

For me personally, Pixel ownership is all about getting the Android app and security updates and not having to wait for them. I have a Pixel2XL and I am not upgrading. I don’t see a real benefit for my use. The camera is better sure, even though the 2XL camera is really good, but I don’t really take pictures. I don’t care about face unlock and like the fingerprint sensor. The radar thing seems gimmicky for now but has promise in the future. Plus, the Pixel2 line gets those Android updates for another solid year minimum. As long as I can stay current with Android, no reason for me to upgrade. I use my phone mostly for work and a few games here and there. Next year I will grab a Pixel 5, or a 4 on mark down if the 5 is not that much different.

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For sure, the updates are hugely important, as I mentioned I work in IT. I have had my devices running the last two Betas. But I do take a lot of pictures, on my 2 XL of the 128 gbs I have taken 64 gigs of photos and videos.

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If you are into photos then the 4 is the way to go for sure. It sucks though they no longer offer unlimited photos storage in the cloud.


Damn, that is a lot…


I absolutely do not want “face unlock” of any kind. If the phone doesn’t offer a fingerprint reader/unlock, then I am absolutely uninterested… no matter how great the photography. For me the Pixel 4 is a must skip.

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It sounds like it might be a worthwhile upgrade for you for the camera alone. It also depends on what kind of photos you take. If you find yourself zooming a lot or wish that you could zoom, that alone might make the upgrade worthwhile. The Pixel 2 is going to receive security updates for at least another year, according to Google.

That was kind of my feeling from what I have heard, but it is sometimes hard to judge until you get he device in hand.

Head to a carrier store or a Best Buy and check it out for yourself. Or buy one and return it if you don’t like it.

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I resisted the finger print reader and face unlock for months, when I got my Samsung S8. After listening to Leo so long, I gave in and set both up. After a while - I removed the face unlock and just kept the fingerprint reader option…

It is too easy for someone to hold your phone in front of you and unlock it. And, there is not much you can do to resist that.

And and with the pixel 4 you don’t even need to have your eyes open!

I would like to see Google (and probably also Apple) stage the unlock/access. If I use face unlock, it is unlock level 1 and only some things are possible probably just check the status of the phone and any notifications. (Assuming that is what most people want to do quickly.) To do more involved things, it would be a finger print unlock… and finally to do the most sensitive things (such as install software), it should always require the password.


It depends on what you want in a phone, honestly. The 835 is powerful enough to run all but the most intensive games fine - not to mention anything else. If the screen is holding up ok (as I recall, that was the big issue with the 2xl), and you aren’t noticing any issues because of the ram, i would save your money for pixel 5, and let soli mature. But if you need a new phone anyway, it’s likely a worthwhile upgrade


Eventually there will only be face unlock or something similar. You could always use a PIN code (annoying I know, I prefer fingerprint too). I don’t worry about the face scanning too much. If you spend time in airports or some major metropolitan areas, you have already unwillingly used face recognition.

This is a different, societal issue. What I am concerned about is me leaving my phone on the table and someone pranking me picking it up and using my face to unlock it. Or a police officer or TSA or border agent, or whatever. Like many people, I have content on my phone that is very private and I don’t need snoopers accidentally or purposefully accessing it.


Understood. Fingerprint readers however can be used while you are asleep, and they are also not protected by the 4th amendment. The phones do at least have lock down mode you can use before going through TSA or a checkpoint, that forces PIN or passcode at next login. The only true security to get into your phone is a long PIN code or passcode.

Point taken, but I don’t really have that worry as I have nothing to hide from those I sleep with… and I don’t normally sleep with strangers :wink:

I’m in the same boat. I’ve got the Pixel 2 XL and I’ve been looking at either the Pixel 4 XL or the OnePlus 7T.