Pixel 4xl First thoughts

I just got my Pixel 4xl. I love it over all. Just a few thoughts…
I got the Black one, and the back I believe is made of all glass. It looks like glass, it feels like glass, so it must be glass. The way the Pixel is designed I don’t mind atv all the Chin, I don’t think it looks that big. Not anything as ungly as the iPhone 8, etc. you probably won’t even notice. But that is why I like getting the Black version. So far the face unlock is very fast and works at least 90+% of the time. If the face unlock works this well I won’t even miss the finger print reader. Setting up face unlock was very easy. I basically just rotated my head around in a circular pattern until all the squares have been filled in. I too k some quick zoomed in pics and compared them to my Pixel 2XL. these are about 20% more detail. My thoughts will probably change over time. And definently as the software gets better. I just used the included USBC to USBC cable and transfer all app files and setting from my Pixel 2xl to my Pixel 4Xl. This was easy and quick just a few minutes.
I wanted to try Filmic Pro and that app keeps crashing. I sent a but report so hopefully they will have a fix soon.
I also took one quick astrophotography shot. A lot of light pollution where I live but still looks great. I am probable going to put up shots comparing the 2 pixel phone on my website Sleepingdog.video

One quick question to hosts or anyone else. How do I sign up for the Public Beta Program on my new Pixel 4xl?
I went to “google.com/android/beta” and it only lists my Pixel 2. And YES, I opted out of the Beta on that Phone. Maybe it just takes a little time to propagate through the Google system.

Oh, I also got one of the new Nest Mini. This is my take on the 2x base…
It gives the mini a richer all around sound quality. Booming base no.
I took a song from the group Boston from the 70s. This is my measure if a device has a lot of base. I played it on the new Nest Mini, then on the old Home mini, then again on the Nest Mini. Playing it first on the Nest Mini I said; sounds, ok. Then after I did the above test. I said yes there is a big difference in sound quality. But, still no big booming base but much better all around sound. It would be great to get 3 or more Nest minis and place them around my room. Add them to the same home group. You probably will not get surround sound separation but should sound good. I have not used the mini very long but I think the added extra mic does help in hearing me. When I am listening to TWIT on my TV the Home Mini could never hear the wake words. it is much better on the Nest Mini I wish they made a battery operated version.
I think one of the hosts said they added a battery to the home mimi. I would like to try that.
One thing I don’t understand is why Google changed the power plug from the industry standard USBC connector.