Pixel 4 XL - All But Discontinued?

Has anyone had problems finding Pixel 4 XL’s, particularly from Verizon?

I’m IT Director for a small business and I generally deploy iPhones for management (their preference) and Pixel’s for support staff, drivers and outside sales. Since January, I’ve been unable to get a 128 GB Pixel 4 XL. I generally get them through our account because with our discounts/contract dates, we could get them for about $500. Long before the current crisis took over, I’ve been unable to get one.

I finally had someone at Verizon locate one for me (128GB, either White or Black) and he all but confirmed Verizon is out of stock with no news on additional stock.

I would fallback on a 3a but those are gone as well. I just find it kind of interesting that a phone less than a year old is not being replenished. I guess confirms the poor sales.

For now, I’ve had to put some in the Samsung XCOVER Pro but it pales to a Pixel.

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The Pixel 5 won’t be out until Oct 2020. I just looked.

Must be supply chain problems with the virus mess and issues in China…

I don’t think the Pixel 4 was well received nor well reviewed, and thus it never sold well as it wasn’t felt it was worth the premium price. Then the team leaders quit recently. (See link below.) So I suspect Google is cutting its losses and not continuing to manufacture more, and selling off the stock that exists, while it simultaneously hopes for better with the next round (the 4a and 5.)

I have a Pixel 2 XL and bought it to replace the Nexus 6P which suffers the battery boot/loop issues it was well known for. I would not have considered a Pixel 4 with the face unlock thing… especially in the beginning when it didn’t even have alertness awareness. And Soli seemed like a gimmick, not a feature. I hope they go back to their roots, reduce prices for quality phones that just work, and stop chasing trends like face unlock because Apple (or Samsung) are doing it.

And then this post happens… so is this just “cover” to hide the past and hope for a better future?

If I wanted to spend $999, I’d get one on Google’s site but don’t need one that bad. Our Verizon discount at work is pretty significant and I’m just resigned to the fact that there will be no more “Regular Pixel’s” at Verizon until the 5. 4a’s should be fine but for my higher end users, they want the full Pixel.