The Photo Thread: Week of 2021-12-12

Testing new camera Canon R6 gun’s and roses cover band gig


That was close!


Man, it’s just marvellous how a modern, (likely) hand-held camera phone can snap a daylight picture of the moon and capture the lunar plains (had to look that term up), craters, calderas, highlands, and individual bright features. I am often complaining about how innovation has seemingly come to a crawl - but man, have we come far in our mobile communication, camera, and entertainment devices. The plane’s features are much less discernible. Might be it’s just a combination of it being smaller and passing by faster (in relative terms).



putting on the tinfoil hat

The phone just recognised that this might be the moon over there, so let’s automatically replace that white blob with an appropriately shaded texture from our moon image library. Given that the file name starts with PXL, it might be shot on a Pixel and Google would be the one brand powerful enough to brush up the moon in all of their phones. whistles scary conspiracy tune

But, seriously. It’s almost too good to be true. Then again, maybe today’s camera phones are almost too good to be true. Hence computational photography.

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It’s from a Pixel 6 Pro at 10x zoom (I think). I was walking my dog and saw the plane coming. Pulled out my phone and zoomed as quickly as I could and got a pretty good one.

I took several pics of the moon just before that and they all seemed to be just as I saw it. I don’t doubt there could be some other things going on when it come to moons pics from smartphones. :smirk:


Just amazing how pixel phone takes pictures

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Christmas lights on our town market place.


Same market place pic taken with pixel 4a


The Dobie Christmas card for those who celebrate it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Reminded me of the “most interesting man in the world” meme. His caption might be…
“I don’t always decorate our christmas tree,
but if I do, I make sure it comes with good bark.”


:grin: (additional characters)

New thread…