The Photo Thread: Week of 2021-10-31

Ha! I just realised that I was likely the one who mixed up the dates in the title of our photo thread. Sorry about that! Here’s a new week’s thread with the traditional yyyy-mm-dd format:

Alpspitz (5167 ft)

Isar (1460 ft)

It’s been a nice, long weekend! :slight_smile:


Lucky you, I live in Lower Saxony, we didn’t have a long weekend, but our neighbours in NRW did, so it was the usual NRW-Renntag, as they all shot over the border to Osnabrück to go shopping.

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Trying out the long exposure feature on the Pixel 6 Pro




Interesting effects! Are you happy with the new phone? I am wondering if I should finally switch from my Samsung S10e… Does it work well for you?

Things I like

  • The camera system
  • The look

Things I don’t like

  • It’s too big
  • It’s too slippery (I wish we could get past using glass on the backs of phones)
  • The fingerprint scanner is unreliable and inconsistent (the most frustrating thing for me when using this phone). I set my Garmin watch as a trusted device to avoid the scanner and Android tells me to use my PIN because the “phone was locked manually.” That message appears many times per day – I don’t even know what it means.
  • The always-on screen comes on for no apparent reason, even when I have-tap-to-wake, lift-to-wake, and always-on display turned off. I’ve never had a Pixel phone that managed the screen turning on (or not) properly when locked. It’s often the little things Google seems to deem unimportant.

General impressions

  • Screen is nice
  • Battery is OK, seems it should be better


I considered returning it but I’ll probably keep it for the cameras. If you don’t mind big phones, you should be OK with this one. I’m having a hard time.

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Here’s a reminder of what mobile photography used to look like. Google Photos’ “10 Years Ago…” feature surfaced this iPhone 4 photo taken after a rare Halloween snow storm. The photo is as crunchy as the snow, but I distinctly remember the wonderful contrast that morning of the white snow and the colorful foliage.


I assume that is hand-held, which is pretty good. I tried an iOS app one time last year that offered a similar effect but the resulting photo was far from crispy.


Yes, it’s hand-held. The camera app on the Pixel 6 Pro has these features built-in. It takes about two seconds for the water pics. I don’t quite have a handle yet on how to take the pic my dog is in, where the subject stays in focus while moving the camera. Gotta work on that one.

I just realized iOS dropped the “Square” mode from the camera app. Maybe that was to accommodate Cinematic mode. I don’t see them adding another mode for flowing water. Samsung used to go crazy with modes. I think at one point there was even one that they demonstrated as a golf swing mode. :laughing:

I don’t know what it means in your context, but the usual meaning is a case where you are about to have an interaction where you want to disable the biometrics or any other auto-login (say being stopped by a cop, or approaching a border guard.) It should prevent them from taking the phone and using the biometric unlock (so forcing you to use your finger print, or face unlock or whatever.) It basically puts it back into the “something you know” security domain, and not every jurisdiction has rules forcing you to divulge the contents of your mind (the something you know.)

Yes, that’s called lockdown on my Pixel. I have to press and hold the power button, then select the lockdown option. I can’t see that happening by accident, 10 times per day. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smirk: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Greetings from Central Park


Apple does it though it’s Live Photo feature. A bit hidden & there are third party apps that give you more control of it.

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