The Photo Thread: Week of 2020-03-01

It’s currently 0820hrs on March the 1st of the year 2020 in my part of the world. So let’s start with this shot of a messy looking wiring.

Canon Powershot G12 , Bangkok.


Reminds me of Japan.

haha, I thought there was a bicycle up there!


Sure looks like it doesn’t it?

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Dare you to try to clean that photo up with a ‘heal’ feature!


Testing to see if my OG iPhone X is really water resistant.
Edited in Pixelmator Photo.

Now that is interesting it loaded up without the edits, when I loaded from Apple photos. But when I copied the image on the iPad pro and pasted it into the edit box the edits are there.

The bird seems to be wondering what that thing in the water is.
-Isabela Island, Galapagos


Greetings from a walk around the Schliersee, southern Bavaria, Germany - just now. S10e.


Taking the new X100V for a spin.


This is absolutely gorgeous

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I think it is important to remember that photography for all its technicalities, rules, and gear obsession, it still comes down to what you or your client likes. I had two portfolio reviews last month and out of the 40 prints, I submitted only 7 were merit level. Comments for the picture attached: framed wrong, overly saturated, no connection to the subject, don’t see a story here. This picture and a series of others were a paid project, this was the look the client wanted and dictated. Do not be discouraged. You know what you want to shoot. Search out people and groups like this one that encourages you and critiques with grace. After all, that grainy, out of focus picture of your parents, newborn or family pet in your eyes is the best picture of all


I normally like to show photos as it is but I kind of like how this image looks.

Pixel 3 with Snapseed edits


Out for a Sunday stroll on a nice March day.
pixel 3a - top photo adjustments made with snapseed
bottom photo adjusted in Affinity Photo


This looks great! Well done.

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It got my attention. It took me a while to see the story, but I do have the background to understand the story. I am sure you client was very pleased. I for one love over saturated photos.

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Love it - so much going on in there! Especially the echoing of the colours, the holes, the textures, and still a really active center. It’s all contrast on so many levels. :slight_smile:

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Another good article from Scott Bourne

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Photos like this just fascinate me. I love the messy tangle of wires (and it DOES look a bicycle in there!). Oh what a tangled life we lead… :heart::heart::heart:

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Wow. I’m kinda mad. Apparently even an amateur like me understands this photo better than the professional. Assuming it even was a professional, sounds more like an internet troll. Or a scene in a movie meant to introduce a pretentious jerk.

Framed wrong
Well, the focus is the work, not the product or person and the work is centred, how is that framed wrong? Ok, potenially it might be better if the edge included the whole person, or cut in closer so the person fills the entire left side, but as is it still works because the person is framing their work.

Overly saturated
Well, duh. Of course it is, that is the aesthetic they were going for. It’s a “hero shot.” obviously.

No connection to the subject
Say it with me now:
Well duh. The subject is wearing a mask. Even so, I can almost hear the noise that the tool is making, how is that not connected?

Don’t see a story here
You must be looking at the wrong picture then mate, simply by understanding the framing a story emerges.


I’m not even a talented amateur so my opinion counts for little, but I really dislike the photo. It looks like a lot of over processed HDR photos… just because you have math doesn’t mean you always need it. You know what they say, opinions are like…

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Also the image is taken out of context. The image style may well be perfect when incorporated into whatever piece of work or literature the client wanted. Sometimes, a photo by itself is not the full story.