The Photo Thread: Week of 2020-01-05

That Dec 29 thread was getting a little stale, so here’s a submission for this week —which is rapidly waning. Happy New Year!


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While wandering through an old monastery that has been turned into a museum, I think I stumbled upon the remains of the first Mac cheese-grater.


Powershot G12.

Tried to take a macroshot of this grasshopper. This was taken somewhere in 2012.


Just used the title standard used in previous weekly photo threads, my friend. I would prefer the title “weekly photo thread for 2020-01-05” myself… :smile:

So would I, but maybe a bit too “numbery”. Was a short discussion when I suggested it in the other thread. Thought I’d go for something that made it obvious when looking at a list of topics…

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Putting a couple images here. The rest will be on my Instagram page.
Canon had some models at its booth. They were pretty dadgum cool. I went there THREE TIMES to shoot. “Concert” or stage shooting is so tough for me. The lighting never stays put. The models are moving. You put your camera in aperture priority and end up with unflattering motion blur. You put it in manual and miss pushing the shutter speed or ISO. You fight with getting eye focus locked. And this is all within a matter of a couple seconds. Lol! Tough! But it’s fun.


The shot through the ribbon is remarkable. Well done.


Yes, great photos!!!


As someone who has taken quite a number of concert shots before, my tips are

  1. Watch the artiste’s live concert video on youtube, vimeo, etc. Most artiste will have a certain pattern on how their vocalist will perform a song. If you can’t find a live concert video, search on the web to see if they had open for any other artiste.

  2. Notice where the lights are. See where the point at. Do they move or are they static ? Are they strobe lights? If you’re able to guestimate those, you can in theory know when to half press the trigger to lock and focus and then full press to capture the shot.

  3. It is all about timing and for my case and the photos below, pure luck.

All shot with the Canon Powershot G12. No Flash used and no tripod.


THANKS. I have a bunch of those. It will probably take another month+ to go through, process and/or dump this afternoon’s shooting

'preciate ya :fist_right:t5::tumbler_glass: :grin:

Beautifully done and pretty much my train of thought. Sadly, I’ve not shot planned concert. Just happen to catch cover bands or catch stuff like what happened at the Canon booth today. Just hoped I would get lucky with exposure and focus. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I just rediscovered a great, free resource: Olympus Magazine. You can access on the web or on a tablet, iOS anyway. Don’t know about android.


Wolf moon and Rock Doves over silo.


Kind of funny photo story. I was trying as hard as I could to get the moon centered behind the barn cupola. I’m using a 600mm EFV lens on a tripod. Manually pushing the shutter caused the camera to shake. I didn’t have time to get the phone app fired up for remote control so used the 12 second timer. Problem is…the moon moves fast in 12 seconds and it doesn’t set in a straight downward line. This is as close as I could get.


i am impressed.

this was shot during a christmas party last year with a Pixel 3 with Moment Tele lens.


I have strong opinions on dates :wink: I prefer SI order and personally use a slight modification in my personal dealings. I use 2020-Jan-01 as a format, because I find it easier to comprehend quickly. It has an upside and a downside. The upside, you can search for things in “Jan” easier, because the number 01 can match too many things. The downside, it’s language specific, and is less meaningful for non English speakers.

Take a look at the format Leo took for the Tech Guy show titles: :wink: