The Photo Thread : Week of 2020-07-19

Unfortunately I don’t actually have a picture to share ready as I create this new weekly entry, but it’s time for a new one, so here it is.

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Sunday in the park


Cotton candy, anyone?


Now that’s what I call social distancing.


A couple more of these. Pixel 3a


We got the photos from the disposable cameras back at the weekend. The problem is, they are low resolution and grainy and, because we were under sun umbrellas, it was relatively dark and most of the people took the photos without the built-in flash. I think around 40% weren’t usable (too dark, too much noise, out of focus etc.).

I ran them through Capture One and managed to get something out of the remaining photos. I cropped this one, but there is so much grain, especially when cropped, that I decided to make it a grainy black and white image.

There is also a scratch running right through the middle of the shot. This was my first attempt with Capture One’s new repair tool. I think a little more care would have made it even better, you can see where the fence above the baloons is a little doubled up.


A couple of the first images out of my new Canon EOS M50 camera. I’m still getting used to it - has been a few years since I’ve had a standalone camera and loving the handling so far. Taken using manual settings. These are the JPEGs straight from the camera. I’m taking RAW+JPEG for flexibility.

View from my apartment balcony.

The world in bubble wrap…


In the view across the field, the buildings on the left are in dark shadows. Is that something you can adjust when taking the picture? I always rely on the Google Photo editor, along with HDR on my phone, to enable adjustments like that after taking the pic. In Photos, I can usually reduce the shadows to see the buildings better.

To be honest, with the naked eye you would be hard pressed to see much in that shadow. It was a rather harsh light. I could probably do something with post-processing, but wouldn’t be so as accurate with what I saw.

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Tough task. Lots of variables stacked against you for quality :slightly_frowning_face:

Congrats on the new camera :fist_right:t5:

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I want some Nathan’s. Love this angle

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Recent morning walk when there wasn’t an overcast. Flipped aperture to f/16 or so for the run rays. Lots of post processing and editing for a lil’ painterly effect.


Few impressions from a Saturday morning stroll:

I liked how the tree line, given the perspective, points to the Abby and that the image has rather distinct fields of color:

Schäftlarn Abby in the distance

The corn field was in full swing, might only take another couple of weeks to be harvested:

Corn, sky, and sun

About as green a colour I’ve ever seen with the healthy plants in the full, bright 10-AM-sunlight:

Green field

A tree that apparently broke mid-stem, dropped about eight feet vertically to stand there now. Wonder what the sound was that process made:

Tree trunk darts

Finally, a lovely spot in some shade by the Isar river. Not quite sure how hollowed-out the ground was beneath us, but it appeared solid. Seems like the panorama shot made minced meat out of some of the dry branches above:

Spot in the shade down by the wild river


This one processed from CR3 RAW file in Digital Photo Professional. I didn’t do much - rotated very slightly and brought down the shadows a tad as I wanted a more silhouette look.


Thanks @ant_pruitt! I’m very pleased with it so far!

That looks impressive. The detail is stunning. Even though you uploaded as jpg or png, there is no perceptible colour banding - do you have a trick to share or did it just come out this way? Maybe there’s just enough data even in a compressed image to make such a silky colour transition…

I didn’t do anything special - it just came out that way from DPP!

That’s print worthy :heart_eyes:

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Thank you! I want to get something on canvas!

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