The Photo Thread: Week of 2022-06-05

Morning coffee


A couple sunset pictures and roasting a rocking chair


Sincerely, your one-trick-bavarian-photo-pony. :slight_smile:


While waiting for a friend, I started playing with the zoom of my phone camera on clouds.

This is 10x (optical):

This is 30x (10x optical, 3x digital):

This is 100x (10x optical, 10x digital):

I find it fascinating that

  • even though clouds are volumetric, their fringes appear to look like layers upon layers upon layers of water vapor
  • given a good enough optical zoom, you’d probably be examining something close to a fractal
  • lit just right, the fringes of clouds shimmer in multiple repetitions (!) of rainbow colors.

Not every day elite sportswomen come through the village. The Women’s Tour, Uffington. So fast!

Nikon D7500 S mode 1/1000s Auto ISO


Heard few days ago of ICM photography and took few test shots. I have an old pine tree in front of my house and behind it a car park and on left of it a car park garage. Other pictures are taken in fairly dark living room where light came from narrow strip of light between window and curtain.


Very nice shots, despite the speed, still crisp.

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Ta. The Nikon AF did a nice job, although I noticed it always seems to select the second rider in a group :thinking:

I knew they were going to be quick and I only had one go at getting pics, so kept it simple. Similar settings to what I use for motorsport, 9-point AF.

Would have been fun to try some panning though, make the pics look speedy.

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One thing I like about ICM photography that sharpness is not most important point. Next try to take them with tripod.

Here some pics from alpine rose garden flowers not in full bloom yet.