The Photo Thread : Week of 2020-07-26

Hello Twit folks.

It has been nearly half a year since i last posted due to personal matters. Starting this week’s photo thread with this photo that has been post-processed.

Portuguese Egg Tart.

Shot with a Pixel 3 under portrait mode and then post-processed with Snapseed.


Welcome back @lylegogh

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After watching @ant_pruitt 's HoP on HDR, I decided to give it a try. I went into the garden and did some flower shots. One didn’t really work, there was too much wind, so too much variation and ghosting.

But I ended up with 3 usable images. I then found out that Capture One doesn’t do the HDR merge, which is a shame (there is a Photomax plug-in for bracketed HDR merges, but I don’t have that). But luckily, Affinity Photo does have a merge, so I did the merge in AP and a little adjustment work there and re-imported the finished image back into C1.

The resulting JPEGs were around 30MB in size! So I’ve dropped the quality from Best to High.

White roses.

The colours are more vivid and there is more detail in the roses, but I find the bamboo in the background is now “noisy” and has lost a bit on definition.

This is the “middle” shot from the original of the red flower. The red is lovely, but the whole picture is “dull”, in terms of colour.

The HDR shot is much more dynamic and lively. The red comes out really well and the details is clearer. I played around with the black levels and I did get a very interesting effect on the flower, but lost too much detail, so this is the optimal setting I found for the whole image.

Again, the normal shot. The flower looks lovely, but the shadows under the colourful blooms hides the detail.

The HDR this time is more subtle, not so vivid, but brings out the details in the flower itself, especially under the blooms, you can see the delicate stalks attaching the blooms to the stem.

Overall, I’m happy with the images, as a first attempt.


So right on the variables involved to make bracketing work, such as wind. I think these came out nicely overall. :fist_right:t5:


Out for a long walk around the local resevoir yesterday. About half was round, it started raining. Luckily, we arrived at a wood shelter as the first drops started falling. As we went into the shelter, it pelted down!

I love the curves on this one, the rainbow, the reflection and the curves of the pool rim.
I’d meant to put it through Snapseed to punch up the colours, but I forgot… Just a quick PP with Affinity to make it a bit more vibrant.

There were hundreds of geese on the grass next to the path.


Very nice. Love that rainbow reflection.


Not being able to get out and prospect for clients has been downing. I get it. People are struggling financially, plus the physical distancing conditions. People aren’t feelin’ it. This meant more shooting in the home with the family. Figured I’d share one or two here.


The reflection :raised_hands:t5:


3 pictures from same place could not decide witch one to post


My favourite rides are at dusk. Great time to see wildlife…saw owls, bats and hares last night. Need to find a safe way of carrying my DSLR somehow :thinking: Taken on my OnePlus 7T Pro.

Trig point at Uffington Castle, Oxfordshire UK


That is a beautiful sunset.

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I took a walk this morning to clear my head. Getting up early has its perks.


Love the beach one. No lens flare, impressive. Phone?

Very moody, nice. I wouldn’t want to say which is my favourite either.

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Thank you! Both photos were taken on the Fuji X100V.


presenting my lazy furdaughter shot on a pixel 3.


J.J. Abrams would like to have a word with you…





Went on a hike today with my son.


That macro shot is nice.