The great yet disappointing Google podcasts app and how it fix and then upgrade it

I love Google podcasts and it is my default podcast player right now since I bought a Moto G7 power which I want to have mostly Google apps

However I am mildly disappointed as it is quite good but it lacks the only thing I use the most in a podcast player which is a queue feature…

I am disappointed in Google because the app has more than a year out and until today it has not received it

To be fair it has a really nice base for it already there the in progress podcasts tab could easily become a queue tab and then it would become my favorite podcast player and fix the app but why stopping it? We could improve it!!!

Add to it Google drive compatibility to save in the cloud to share your favorite podcast with family and friends plus YouTube or YT music integration for video podcasts, integration with Google keep to save clips, integration with Google docs to embed them, integration with the recorder app to ease you to create podcasts, integration with Messages / RCS to send them as enbeded playable in app audio and with tasks to schedule them and Google would get the best podcast app ever!