Running Picks of the week/App Caps

Honestly, haven’t done a whole heap of google searching so please don’t roast me, but I was wondering if there was a thread on here on the picks of the week (MBW) or App Caps (iOS Today) where I can go to a single thread and it just gets posted per each show?

The reason I asked is because someone in my tech group of friends asked about dictation apps. I know that recently (like in the last 8-12 weeks) I recall the hosts talking about one, but I can’t find it! That’s when this brilliant idea hit me where we should have a running post with just the picks fo the week so it’s searchable and you know what episode it came from.

Unless if anyone else knows of something that already exists?


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Well there is the feature built into the Pixel 4 voice recorder. But that’s not a stand-alone app [yet].

Well Discourse does have the ability to have Wiki entries that anyone can edit… so we could source one ourselves if the motivation to contribute is present among some of the site users that listen to those streams.

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See TWiG 535 Nov 20th 2019 from about 05:45 onwards for Leo demonstrating the capabilities of Google Recorder. As PHolder says, not a standalone app yet, but some enthusiasts have already identified the apk that provides this, extracted it, and proved it can be sideloaded successfully onto some other handsets. That suggests it has potential to appear in the Play Store at some point, but will probably need a performance handset as the transcription is done on-device.

Edit: also see this article for possible alternatives that are currently available, at a price:

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So how do we that that going or turned on? I’d certainly help in populating that! I don’t think I could keep it completely up to date, but I’d certainly help to backfill if possible. I’m a weekly (well almost weekly) MBW and iOS today listener, hence my original question, but if someone could populate the AAA picks of the week as well, that would be cool to have the information in one place and searchable?

Edit: I’m fairly greenfields to Discourse, so sorry for all the questions!

Not a direct answer to your question, but if you weren’t aware; If you use a Podcast app, view the show details which often list (and sometimes have links to) App Caps and Picks of the Week.

Is this searchable? And the other problem is that sometimes I forget the name of the App, but I don’t want to have to click through each episode just to see the picks (and an RSS feed only holds so many podcasts before you have to roll it off).

Not sure if it’s searchable. Would love to have them all consolidated somewhere though - great idea :+1:

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There is this pair of TWiT Wiki pages that cover a long list of All About Android shows, although there hasn’t been an update since September: