Alternative for Podcast app ? ( or a way to shape it like i want ? )

I’ve kept with iTunes on my mac for podcasts, was not the best but like to keep the podcast i download and the fact i could sync across ios devices and manage smarlist where if i finished listen a show on a device that i would disappear on others was awesome. Was a bit clunky syncing every morning before i leave to work with a wire like it was 2009, but i loved the download one then copy of device instead of having to download from each device ( being an iPhone and iPad, something an iPod when feeling nostalgic ) made sense.

On top, my iTunes was configured to use a 4tb external drive for it’s download and storage. Now it doesn’t seem to work like that, new content is no longer going there. found that it’s nicely stored in ~/Library/Group Containers/ So user friendly. Now Yeah it’s going to fill up my internal drive and don’t seem to be a simple way to configure it easily.

Any alternative that would offer me kind of the same functionality i used to enjoy? (download one spread to many devices but centrally manage what’s been listened or not )

or should i give up and make all my device download the files ( meaning 3 download where only 1 might get used ) and let the podcast sync itself across device and use something i use only for rarely use podcast to archive ( i archive with if your a linux and love bash this is small, simple and elegantly simple )

Any ideas ?

Thanks guy ( btw love so much )

I personally use Pocket Casts, but it doesn’t work with local storage, but does sync all your devices. If you have Pocket Casts Plus subscription (I paid for Pocket Casts in the past so have a lifetime subscription) you can upload your own files too.

An alternative may be running a Plex server and listening through the Plex app. I am not sure how Plex works with podcasts though - not sure if the server ever stores a local version of the podcast or is just acting as a directory of your subscribed podcasts.