The disappointing yet highly expandable Google podcasts app

I love Google podcasts and it is my default podcast player right now since I bought a Moto G7 power which I want to have mostly Google apps

However I am mildly disappointed as it is quite good but it lacks the only thing I use the most in a podcast player which is a queue feature…

I am disappointed in Google because the app has more than a year out and until today it has not received it

To be fair it has a really nice base for it already there the in progress podcasts tab could easily become a queue tab and then it would become my favorite podcast player and fix the app but why stopping it? We could improve it!!!

Add to it Google drive compatibility to save in the cloud to share your favorite podcast with family and friends plus YouTube or YT music integration for video podcasts playback or maybe to list the podcast format videos in feeds turning them audio only, integration with Google keep to save clips, integration with Google docs to embed them, integration with the recorder app to ease you to create podcasts, integration with Messages / RCS to send them as enbeded playable in app audio and with tasks to schedule them and thanks to that Google would get the best podcast app ever!

Since Google collects user data unlike Apple they have a huge advantage to integrate the podcast experience to the whole Google ecosystem and I feel they are missing a huge opportunity


@JasonHowell @ohthatflo @ronxo @JeffJarvis @gigastacey what do you think? I seriously love its simplicity but it truly lacks an important feature that I sorrowly miss

An auto download feature would be nice also


If Google did all those things its podcasts app would rock! I wish Google understood that

You should submit your feedback to them. Integration with YT is a good idea Google loves it when people click on videos ($$$).

A queue feature makes a lot of sense. I might try it out as it has Google home integration.

I will, I hope they hear to me since podcasting is their chance to have a Netflix like service

That’s an interesting take. I probably spend more time listening or watching podcasts than I do Netflix.

Me too, I am a Google purist so I prefer using Google apps making me using forcedly this app instead of the more feature rich pocket casts, I love its simplicity but I wish so much to have that queue

I jumped shark when pocket casts changed their UI. I tried to like it, I really did.

Started using Spotify instead as it’s convenient to have both my music and podcasts in the same place however Spotify sucks. I wouldn’t even pay for it if I didn’t get Hulu+Spotify for $5 a month which rules.

So now I’m thinking I’ll try the Google podcasts app. Because when I’m at home and I say “Hey G play this podcast” it doesn’t default to Spotify like with music and therefore doesn’t pick up where I left off.


For nest compatibility Google podcasts is the best and has as much feeds as Pocket casts, the only thing you might miss is the queue, mark as played from the multi selection menu and autodownloads since it already has silence trim mark as played and downloads

I already sent my feedback here in Mexico, could you please send it to Google in the US?


I’m another long-time Pocket Casts user who hates the redesign. However, there are few alternatives that sync across devices. Google Podcasts does that but it does little else. No auto-download and no auto-queuing. It’s seriously lacking in features so I’m still using Pocket Casts. Google Podcasts seems like one of those apps that will be ignored for a while then dropped.


I love pocket casts specially the new queue redesign but I was in an all Google mood, I love it however becoming a Patreon and needing a podcatcher that could log in to Patreon plus its queue made me ditch Google podcasts and go back to pocket casts, if Google implemented both features plus auto downloads I would not returned to Pocket casts and furthermore I would made Google podcasts my default podcatcher

I hate the pocketcast redesign too! I really didn’t wanna be that guy that hated it just because it changed but I really do.
I use Google Podcasts now because when I transfer from headphones to my speakers google assistant will pick up where I left off.


By the way does pocket casts has Google home integration? This is what would make me to miss Google podcasts but I do not want to loose my Patreon early access podcast

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That’s a good question. I don’t think so. When I ask Google to play podcasts it plays them from Google Podcasts instead of Spotify (what I used before). This was even when I didn’t have Google Podcasts installed.

So I broke and just started using Google Podcasts so it would pick up where I left off.

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