AAA 445: Enhance That Feature!

Beep boop - this is a robot. A new show has been posted to TWiT…

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was hoping “Folding on Foldables” would make it through :grin:

As soon as the news broke about Play Points, I tried it with the following results…

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Just thought I’d pop in to say that I listen (with Podcast Addict) at 1.6x with silence skipping.


I am a big fan of variable speed playback in general. The specific speed I use varies depending on the specific podcast or audiobook, but I usually listen to non-fiction at somewhere between 2x and 3x, and yes, that includes All About Android. (I also use Podcast Addict. After the disastrous Pocket Casts update earlier this year, I tried a number of different podcatchers and finally settled on Podcast Addict.) Most people can understand spoken language at a much faster speed than they can speak it (at least, in ordinary conversation), so it makes sense. There’s just too much information out there, and too little time.

I also frequently use the variable playback on YouTube. I hate having to sit through a long video to get an answer to a question and often speed it up.

Now, would I ever use variable playback on Netflix, something I watch purely for entertainment? Probably not. But now that I know the option exists, I just might, especially for something I’m not super into. That way I could give a full episode of a new series a try, or finish out a series with less impatience.

(Side note: the show pages link to the defunct Google+ page and an apparently unused Twitter account. Maybe it could link instead to this site? I had a devil of a time finding this forum and had to go back several episodes and find the link in the show notes Google spreadsheet - it should be more prominent on the TWiT website)

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If you like customisation, podcast addict is far superior to pocket casts. I switched years ago when pocket casts dropped support for auto-playlists. I found that to be really crazy, you can’t manage a playlist while driving. Anyway, podcast addict is so customisable, you can prioritize your playlist so that your favourites play first, but still in date order.

As for playback speed in netflix, it seems a little overblown. Most people are not going to watch at a different speed anyway. And nobody seems to have considered that there could be an accessibility factor, especially slowing down a show. I can easily imagine someone who has had a stroke finding shows easier to watch if they are played slower than normal, just as one example.

I used to listen at 1.2x with silence skipping but since I’ve ratcheted up to 1.5x I’ve had to turn the silence skipping off because it was too disjointed.

I have to check out Podcast Addict - My love of PocketCasts is waning.

EDIT: I recently found the speed settings on Youtube as well but I can’t go past 1.25x without it sounding too robotty.

There are certain types of podcasts that I can speed up playback on but man, some shows, the concepts are so intricate and detailed that speeding up playback at all means my brain can’t quite keep up.

Am I getting old?

I’m older than you and I most often have it turned up to 1.8x. :laughing: Those slow talkers…

I have no idea how you can do that. Seriously, that is bonkers.

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Before @mikahsargent sees this thread and gets sad :wink: I should say that the reason I have it that fast is because I listen to so many podcasts. If I didn’t have it set that fast, I’d be buried in podcasts and I’d be perpetually weeks behind.

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I guess it takes practice. It’s challenging with certain fast talkers or people with accents and sometimes it’s necessary to jump back a couple times and on the rare case, slow it down temporarily. :grin: Anything to help bend time!

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