The "best of" week in review

Maybe a lot of ppl just dont listen during “best of” week. IDK.

In a really shitty year, like 2020, I think a 80% funny stuff (especially behind the scenes funny stuff), 20% news mix would have been much better. Who wants to re-hear (generally boring) old discussions about old bad news.

Look how many times Leo re-ran the Apple iphone 5G thing. There was no news there…it was just funny
The JIF / GIF jar was funny. I liked when Leo said “Im taking this. This is going to be my retirement (tongue in cheek)” Everyone has some piece of crap in their attic that they think is worth a million bucks. LOL.
The scientist with the magenets up his nose…eh… There were a lot of much funnier moments on “Google” IMHO. String together all the times Leo said “sourdough”, or M1, or duo, or “CRAIG NEWMARK”. I guess sourdough was last year. Time flies.

I spent my TWIT time this week listening to last sundays TWIT several more times, and Steve Gibson. I have to listen to a Steve Gibson show about 5 times to be able to ingest everything hes saying, anyway…


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