OMG - Is it TWIT or the Greg Ferro show?

I have been a TWIT show/network fan for as long as the network has been around. Generally speaking, it is very few and far between that I don’t love (or at least mostly like) the shows that I listen to. The shows are well crafted and there’s always a nice mix of talent and opinions.

I will admit, this next part is maybe just me.

I feel like each person on the show either bring something to the show to elevate it, is more neutral or detracts from the show. In most cases, the hosts elevate the show. Talent like Leo, Alex and Andy elevate things by multiples.

But on this last TWIT episode I couldn’t stop yelling “shut up” at Greg Ferro because he just had an opinion on everything, was over talking the other guests, as argumentative and just generally annoying. I made it halfway into the show and just couldn’t finish it. It was just irritating me. I kept feeling like dad was yelling at mom and tensions were rising.

Again, just me? Maybe. But i’m curious to know if anyone else felt the same way or am I just being a total jerk here.

Differences of opinion can make for some of the best episodes on TWIT, but how you share that opinion and how you respect the opinions of others goes a long way.

Just my 52¢


Check out the thread for the particular show, if you haven’t already:

You’ll find a lot of people expressing similar opinions…

It’s not just you. :wink:


Same. When the show started and they announced Greg was in studio and Justine was on Skype my first thought was well, we won’t be hearing from her! She got in more than I thought she would, partially thanks to the host doing a good job.

What really grinds my gears is his automatic dismissal of anything Microsoft or Google makes because he doesn’t like Windows and Android. All of these big companies are capable of making great products, and making great flops, including Apple :slight_smile:


This must be the first TWiT show where I was wishing there were more advert breaks. :rofl:


I don’t particularly care for Greg just because I think he talks too much and makes it difficult for other panelists to contribute. I’ve made the decision a while ago to skip any episode of TWiT that Greg is on.

I also find that some of his opinions are quite uninformed, despite the fact that he tries to convince everyone to the contrary. It makes it hard for me to get any value out of the show.


I look forward each week to TWiT. However, as soon as I saw Greg was a guest on the show, I stopped watching.
As others have pointed out, he’s disrespectful of other guests on the show. He has his crazy hatred for anything Microsoft or Google. He’s basically a contrarian. You you say something is good, he loves to come back at you and say why it’s bad. Often twisting facts to support his useless argument.

Honestly, I figured we wouldn’t see Mr Ferro again on TWiT after his last visit. Leo seemed to lose patience with his ridiculous arguments and called him out as being plain wrong at one point.
Could he have “snuck” in while Leo was out this week?


I my opinion he sounds like a 16 year old know it all. Never admitting when he is wrong, always has the “only” solution no matter what the situation is. I could do without him on the show.


I thought that also. I finally just had to turn it off. Jeeezzz.


Thanks for the link @Clayton, I missed that. I think the subject line threw me. Appreciate the link.

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Based on the replies, I feel just a bit less crazy. Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


You all might not like what I have to say, but here is my opinion. Greg was a bit overbearing at time. By the same token, Alex and Justine seemed to me to just talk about 1st world troubles.
Tech is more than just 1st world trivia, people of all economic levels use it.

This Week In Tech, is the one show I hate to miss live and have to watch it later. But I do agree, Leo is the best host of the any of twit shows he does. He at least see’s both sides of an argument.


Don’t have to like it @jimsolo but it is respected. Most tech podcasts are about first world problems - why can’t my doorbell talk to my toaster?!?! I agree Leo tends to be the best at leveling the playing field amongst the guests.


Noooo it’s not just you. Greg has some very strong opinions bordering on abrasive. We’ve all heard times when someone was endorsing something to praising it or expressing a preference about something and Greg called it “rubbish”. I swear if these people were younger and this took place in a bar, people would likely go to blows. Whenever I hear he’s on a show, I say to myself “Oh geez here we go. Let’s see how many times he criticizes something.”

But then there are several guests that talk over others and interrupt. There have so many times someone is on a thought and gets sidetracked after being interrupted and they never finish the initial point. I mean sometimes it would really be nice to know what they were going to say. To me that’s one of the hardest parts of listening to shows like this. Between the latency in the connection that makes it hard to tell when someone is about to speak and interruptions, it can be aggravating. But I still have to get my weekly dose of tech info.

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Glad I’m not the only one who feels that way. Last two shows he has been off, I stopped listening half way.

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I don’t mind Greg he never detracts from the shows sometimes Karsten does though

I made myself an account here just to voice my opinion on Greg Ferro. I got half way through the podcast before I stopped listening. I found Ferro to be a bully.

Him insisting that others were silicon valley apologists was jaw dropping. The constant talking over and attempting to force the others to agree with him was appalling behavior. Let’s not even talk about the blatant generalisations.

I’ve been annoyed by Ferro on past episodes. With Leo gone he simply overwhelmed the show with toxicity.

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He is very foreful, but he did a very good job, when it came to security and privacy. Alex and Justine sound like appologists for Big IT.

There is absolutely no excuse for not doing security from the get-go. In over 30 years of working in IT, I’ve yet to work on a project that didn’t have securtiy baked into its design from the very beginning. It is just cheaper and easier to build it in at the beginning than trying to re-model the whole system to cope with it.

Likewise, it was drummed into us when I was at college and when I started working in programming. The most important thing is to get the security model right. Once you have done that, the rest just falls into place. It seems the current generation of big IT is all about cutting corners and not caring about security or privacy, until the lawyers and fines cost more than doing the job properly.


I thought it was just me, seen him before and was not too bad, but with a small panel and being in the studio seemed to make a difference. For me it was more about dismissing the views of the others and he was just right.

Was impressed with Justine so much calmer than on YouTube.

He seems to be one of those people who hates everything and will not listen to anyone else… I would like to know what OS he uses on the desktop…

Welcome from Colorado, Clay Wagner!