Stop showing notifications already seen on another device

I have an iPhone and an iPad. I want to set it up so that if I already saw the notification on my iPhone, I won’t see them pop up on my iPad. The way it is happening now… While on my iPhone, I see a variety of iMessage and Mail banner notifications. Then when I open up my iPad later, all of the same notifications pop up all at once on my iPad…even if it is a day later. Thanks.

My iPhone, iPad and Watch all ping at the same time, but, generally, if I read a notification on one device, they disappear on the others.

I have heard of Syncing problems, but I’m relatively new to using multiple Apple devices, so I don’t know the exact procedure.

Is it certain apps, or everything? Certainly Signal causes no problems between devices. Mail seems to be good as well, although that sometimes takes a few seconds to catch up.

Mainly concerned with iMessages and Mail. If I have my iPad and iPhone open at the same time, yes, the messages will show up on both. But I have my iPad cover closed and when I open it up, all the notifications come up. Thanks!

This is why I stopped wearing my watch when working from home. I was getting 3 simultaneous pings between my watch, MacBook, and iPhone. Now I don’t wear my watch and my phone is on vibrate.

It did work well before. But with recent updates, I think it could be due to bugs it takes some time to refresh the notifications. if its already opened on other devices then they go away. else it stays on both devices.

I am experiencing same problem recently and hoping upcoming updates will help fixing it.

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