IOS iMessage Clear from Lock Screen

Prior to IOS 13, iPadOS and MacOS Catalina, when I cleared an iMessage (including SMS) without replying from the lock screen the message would show as read when I opened iMessage on all devices. After my upgrades, when I clear the message from the lock screen now then open iMessage on any of my devices the message appears with the red dot as I didn’t read the message. Also still get a number on the badge icon.

Is this a bug? Functionality that was removed? Or am I possibly missing a setting?

Any ideas?


I’m seeing the same. iPhone 11 on iOS 13 and MBP on Catalina. Also, not all my messages that I receive on my phone appear in my app on my MBP. Perhaps it is a Catalina bug.

Wouldn’t say it is a Catalina bug. I just upgraded to the MacBook Pro 16" 2 weeks ago. My previous MacBook Pro was the 2015 15" laptop. I didn’t upgrade that one to Catalina.

I was having this problem after upgraded to IOS 13 and iPad OS. MacBook was still on Mojave.

Just dropped off my 2015 MacBook Pro for the battery recall replacement program. I will ask them when I picked it up next week. Maybe they will have some sort of idea what’s going on. Personally, I think this was a change in the new OS’s and I don’t like it at all.

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Thanks for the info, I’ll be interested to hear what the Apple folks tell you.

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Went to the Apple store last night. I did ask one of the representatives about the iMessage issue. He wasn’t aware of the issue. I demonstrated the problem by having one of my sons text me. Then I cleared the message from the lock screen and the badge icon still displayed 1 unread message.

The Apple rep stated that this could either be something that Apple eliminated with IOS 13, iPadOS and MacOS. He also stated that it could be a bug. Said that I should report it, which I will do. He also tried this himself with another Apple rep. That Apple rep said that he doesn’t think it’s a bug and a feature that has been eliminated. That rep said the only way is to bring up the message from the lock screen then X out of it.

I get that works but I like the other way of just swiping and hitting clear.

If I hear anything else, will post hear. Not looking promising though.

I never thought it hitting clear marked it as red. I thought it just removed the notification. If I’m on my iphone and I want to get rid of the message of the notification screen I do just as they advised open the message and tap the X. I get it would seem logical to mark the message as red when it is swiped and cleared if the message is short like “Hi this is Phil” Obviously that will display in the notification but if the message is much longer like, “Hi this Phil calling with dealing processing about the extended warranty on your car. Please call me today at 888-555-8585. This our final attempt to you reach you before the offer expires. Please call me today.” This message will become truncated and marking it as clear wouldn’t be the same as reading the full message. So I can see why Apple would have decided that it isn’t read when it is done that way.

For what my 2 cents is worth there ya go.

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Appreciate your reply. This was changed with IOS 13. IOS 12 allowed when you cleared from the lock screen then it showed the message as read in iMessage.

My other issue that I mentioned in my first post on this topic, was that if I read the message on one device it is not showing the message as read on my iPad or MacBook. So now I have to clear them from each device.

Just find it annoying that I have to clear it from all my devices.

Like your scenario of the Robo Text. That is funny.

I guess I misunderstood about the syncing issue on devices. Presuming they are all on the lasted update available to them, correct? Also a few years ago my fiance had the same issue, Macbook Air, iPad, & iPhone. She’d read the message on Mac and iPad and would sync just fine. Do it on the iPhone and message wouldn’t sync. We tried everything we could find online. We then turned off imessage on all the devices I sent a couple dummy texts through so it would register iMessage was off, then activated it again and sent a test message. Test message was working on every device like it should. It was almost like it was an imessage sync issue more than a bug.

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