Apple Watch Notifications

Am I the only one that wishes the Apple Watch notifications would alert you on both the watch and phone simultaneously? The way it works now, and always has, is that it either alerts your Apple Watch or iPhone, not both. I want this because I sit in front of a computer all day with my phone propped up in front of me. I also wear long sleeves since I’m in a professional setting so being alerted of a new message means I have to pull my sleeve back to read it or tap the iPhone to wake up the screen. I’d much rather my iPhone light up when I receive a message. I know I can turn off the message notifications for my watch but that becomes inconvenient when I have to turn it back on when I’m out and about.

Just wondering your thoughts out there.

I think one has to go into the Apple Watch app, go to passcode and turn off wrist detection. Both the watch and phone will go off with vibration and sound. Maybe that’ll work for you. However, the downside to this is your watch never locks when you take it off. So someone else can pick it up and have access to it. Some people might not care about that feature but its worth pointing out.

Totally agree albeit a different reason. When I wear my watch and especially if I’m outside or in public, I don’t hear my watch. The alert volume is so low I miss my notifications. Mentioned this to one of the Apple Genius’ and he said there is no way to have the notification sound on both devices.

This is the perfect solution! I’m going to try this out when I get home.

I was told the same by Apple though you have the option to use “Prominent” haptic which will cause a strong rumble on your wrist. I know it isn’t sound but it may help resolve your issue. Also, if Moros’ suggestion works you will be able to receive sounds on both devices.

Moros, apparently turning off Wrist detection disables the standing tracking and other features like Apple Pay.

Hmm, yeah turning off Wrist detection will disable a lot of features and pretty much make the Watch useless. Probably not a good solution.