IOS 643: Free Up Space on Your Apple Devices

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I have a question that you can use on this weeks show if you like. I am getting, Daily, several Phishing Text messages saying the text if from Amazon, Paypal & Vimeo. Each are separate Phishing Text messages. Saying there is suspicious activity on your account and if you don’t resolve issue your account will be locked in 48hours. Or something similar. These messages don’t appear to have a phone number attached to them. On my iPad and iPhone is there a way to Block messages. I never chick on the link, I have been just deleting the messages as they come in?

Thank You,
John Gerard

I just discovered that on my iphone If I tap on the Message I want block at least I can Delete and report as junk. But on my ipad it looks like there is only a delete text option. No Delete and report as junk option.