Stitcher closing, looking for podcast app recommendations

What I liked about Stitcher was the mobile app and web version were in sync.
Are there other services that do this?

Platform? Apple Podcasts has been great for me

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I use an iphone for listening when I walk the dog but I like to use the speakers connected to my windows computer in my home gym.
Is this what you are asking?

I was in the same boat a year ago when Plex unceremoniously yanked their podcast functionality from existence.

I’ve been using Pocket Casts for a while now, I’m a big fan. I’m on their paid plan so I don’t know what is and isn’t available on their free tier. But they’ve got a web interface, a Windows application, mobile apps, and even an Android Automotive app which all synchronize together. They also have Sonos integration, if you’re a Sonos user.


Have another vote for Pocket Casts.

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Long time Pocket Casts user here too. My only gripe is the syncing isn’t 100%. You can be watching something, stop, go out, open it on your phone and it starts from the beginning, which is frustrating.

Thanks, yes I’ve noticed that behavior. I’m now testing Podurama.

I think still has an online sync/player where you can use on your iPhone and on Windows via the web.

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It appears to be Mac only.

It will play synced podcasts in a web player in Windows from You just need to set everything up (playlists, subs, etc) in the mobile app first and the login from the web app, probably using a QR code.

Thank you for the response but I don’t understand.
Are you saying there is an player for Windows? I can’t find it.
If you mean use a third-party player I’m not sure how I’d hook up Overcast.

It’s not a Windows app. You said web version, and Overcast has a web version. However, I don’t think it’s standalone. You get your podcasts set up in the mobile app on iPhone, and then log in using a web browser on Windows and you can play from there. I believe an internet connection will be required as there’s no downloads/local storage.

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You could do podcast management through the website; it’s just a bit cumbersome. And Dave is right: there’s no way to download podcast episodes through the website; you’d have to be online. I believe the website will completely download the current episode you’re listening to, but there would be no other episodes available for listening if your went offline.

Marco had considered abandoning the website interface entirely, but he has decided to keep it. The details are discussed in his blog: Overcast .