Hi all in TWiT land. I need an alternative to iTunes for windows 10

I need an alternative to iTunes for windows 10. iTunes does not want to work anymore on my system. I listen to podcasts on my PC and I would like a program that works like iTunes for windows 10.

What aspect of iTunes are you looking for? Is it only the ability to listen to podcasts? Does it have to be an app? What about a web app?

I download them and listen to them offline. I would like a program not an app…

I am fan of Pocket Casts but it requires a subscription

Spotify is another option.

Neither ones of those will work for me, I would like something free like iTunes was.

Try Gpodder.

Perhaps you should spend a bit of time with the “Alternative to” site:

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That one is working for me, thanks.

I don’t why Popole have so much hate of itunes on Windows i never had any iusses with it. In fact do to the fact that can’t get my ipod to work with the mac version anymore. I have to use the Windows version to add music, video and podcasts to my iPod.