Pocket Casts sync?

I finally got my iPhone delivered on Monday (~1 month wait).

I’ve set it all up and everything seems to be working. A few quirks between iOS and iPadOS, but generally very nice experience.

I have set up an account on Pocket Casts and I am trying to synch it between my iPad and iPhone. I registered the podcasts on the iPhone and the currently playing podcast syncs, but the list of subscriptions doesn’t sync…

Is that the correct behaviour? Surely it should sync my subscriptions as well?

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It should. Are you definitely logged in on both? :slightly_smiling_face:

The Podcasts screen should show all your subs, and then on the Filters screen, you can just look at new releases, unplayed etc.

One issue I’ve always had is the position you’ve reached in a podcast is slow to sync sometimes. I’m not sure what triggers the sync - but I can stop and close the app in the house, and then in the car it starts playing at some other (earlier) point.

Yes, both the iPhone and iPad are logged into the same account.

The syncing of the current position of the current podcast works - it shows in the currently playing section, but the list of actual subscribed podcasts is totally empty on the iPad…

Hmm. I think I do remember having some syncing issues, too. They went away, however. Maybe it’s a good idea to delete the data / cache of the new phone and log in once more. You might try that also on your iPad. See if things come back differently. It did take some “wiggling of the cable”.

Ah - it was with the new GPS system. It synced, but it took a while.

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Ha! After 2 days, they suddenly synced this evening!


That’s interesting I used to have the opposite problem but it seems to work ok now But I still occasionally have issues syncing between the Windows app and mobile versions of PC but I chalk that up to the Windows app just being a shell of the not fully-featured web player.

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That’s about the experience I had. That joyous sense of “Ahaaaaa - finally!” Maybe the consciously designed it this way - random instances of happiness.

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