Siri Text-to-Speech Conondrum

Ok, random puzzle of the day:

I use the two-finger swipe down to have Siri read articles to me on a daily basis and as of iOS 13, something is driving me bonkers. Siri now reads an em dash as “to the power of.” I’ve taken my fare share of physics, math, and EE courses and I can’t every remember any character besides a carrot representing an exponent. Does anyone know where this interpretation originates? It’s kind of driving me nuts.

That seems like a bug to me. In programming languages it might be ** but I don’t see how you could mix that up with the em dash.

On an earlier version of iOS 13, the degree symbol was read as ‘to the power of’ in my shortcuts. Apple must be tracking down incorrectly spoken symbols over time.

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To add to this, because it is also about “Text-to-Speech”. Both my wife and I use Siri to read messages we receive while driving. Since iOS 13, this no longer works, in either car, for both of our phones. We both have iPhone 11 Pro’s running the latest version of iOS 13. This works when not connected to our cars, and also works when connected to a BT ear bud that use when I ride my bike. Has anyone else noticed this?

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