Apple Watch OS 6 and Shortcuts problem

I have a shortcut where I speak “On my way home” into my Apple Watch and a text message gets sent to my with wife with an ETA and maybe a few kisses etc LOL. It’s been working great for months, until we got iOS 13 and Watch OS 6. Now, I get Siri telling me “Sorry, Shortcuts are not available on Apple Watch”. The only way it works is if I run the shortcut manually from my phone. I currently have iOS 13.1.2 and Apple Watch OS 6.01. Have any of you had this issue with your shortcuts using your Apple Watch of late?

Same with me. The app works with Shortcuts, so I have Shortcuts to arm and disarm when I’m driving away or coming home. Without CarPlay, the watch is the safe way to use Siri while driving.

This should be resolved in iOS 13.2 with WatchOS 6.1

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Yes indeed! I used one of my Shortcuts with my Apple Watch series 4 this afternoon without a problem.