MBW 843: Prefabulated Amulite

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Jason is absolutely right about iMessage. Here, in Germany, I have 1 contact that uses iMessage, I have 2 contacts on Android who use SMS, all the rest use Signal or Threema.

Edit: Regarding Hey Siri… My wife hate’s Siri, because she is always agreeing with me! :smiley:

If I stand in the doorway and talk to my wife, with my arm raised at should level to lean against the door frame, Siri will often activate, without a keyword. On a couple of times I’ve said to my wife that she is crazy, the Siri chimes in with “I couldn’t agree more!” :smiley: :smiley:

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My own circle of family and friends is a mixed bag of Android and iOS users. I’m pretty much a Mac diehard when it comes to my computer platform.

That said: I for the life of me cannot imagine refusing to engage with my siblings or my nephew or friends, or being put off by them, because they’re green bubbles in any given group text chat. It’s borderline psychotic.

It’s a frigging phone. Who cares?

Is this really a common thing among iOS users?


Almost all of my contacts use iMessage, but we’re all in the US. Question for you about your setup. If most of your contacts use either Signal or Threema, how do you remember who’s on what when you want to send a new message so you know which app to open? Maybe you start with their entry in Contacts?

When I first message a contact, unless they tell me which service they are on, I look in my preferred messenger (Signal), if they aren’t there, I look in Threema, if they aren’t there, I send an SMS/iMessage (90% of the people I know use Android).

Once the first message is written, I know with which service I communicate with them.

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My social circle is 99% iOS users, including myself. I had an Android phone for awhile and there was definitely a little frustration in my family’s group chat, but they didn’t stop sharing things because of it. Alex’s experience is the exception, not the norm.

And for what it’s worth, it’s not like asking Android users “Would you like more interoperability with Apple devices” would net a much different answer.

I have no idea how common it is, but it’s how Alex Lindsay behaves when it comes to his messaging. If people reaching out to him are not on iMessage, then he doesn’t engage with them there.