Bluetooth profiles

Anyone know if it’s possible to edit BT profiles in iOS? I want my iPhone to connect to my car for audio streaming only and ignore the phone. Possible on Android, not possible in iOS. Such a silly thing but I could really use it.

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You can change the default call routing by going into Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Call Auto Routing and change it to phone or speaker or Bluetooth headset.

If you select phone or speaker, the call will not go through Bluetooth, but you can still set it on a call by call basis.

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Hey, thanks let me see what that does. It’s actually Siri and voice dictation that drive me nuts going through BT.

Okay, I don’t think what I suggested will make a difference in this case. I think Siri uses the headset or hands-free profile so if you’re playing music/podcasts using A2DP, your car will switch away from A2DP. What I suggested will just make calls come out of your phone instead of car speakers.