Using Siri to send texts

Hi! Love the show. You asked if we would write in and let y’all know if we are using Siri to send texts. Well, old habits do not die young. Having a powerful supercomputer in my pocket or hand has not helped me much with using Siri to send a text. Still do that the old fashioned way - typing. But, I am moving forward… I have been using the swipe keyboard more that hunting and pecking.

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I don’t use Siri as much as I should in a lot of areas including texting. Big apple fan but not a Siri fan. She is still in the early stages of her development (as far as I am concerned). She has a long way to go before I think of using her in this way

I will use Siri to read my text’s to me If I’m driving and will respond using Siri if important. This allows me to focus on the task of driving. I usually am listening to a podcast app on my phone while driving anyways so this works well. Outside of driving rarely use Siri.

I use it when im driving for sure especially to text my wife or family. other than that i cant find alot of good uses for it because its not often im alone enough to feel comfortable talking to any voice assistant. I think the beauty of the smart phone is that its not that hard to wip out and interface with. I feel like voice based computing just isnt private enough for mobile.

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My DH always uses Siri for texting. I’m usually looking at his messages trying to figure out what he meant to say.

So, anyone know how to get around Siri requiring I unlock my iPhone to access messages? Already set permission for Access to Siri when locked. A search indicates Apple made changes in iOS 13 for security reasons.