Setup TrueNAS Scale

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I’m trying to setup Windows 10 Virtual Machines i have install 2 20TB hard drives and i want to use Free Space:
39.87 TiB

but True Nas not letting me

any help would be great

Are they 2 identical 20TB drives? Being the same size seems to not be enough, they have to be the same model, reading between the lines on the TrueNAS website.

Is the TrueNAS itself being put on an SSD? Or are you trying to put it on one of the 20TB drives? If the latter, it won’t work, the drives have to be dedicated to storage.

AFAIK, TrueNAS is Linux based, so I’m not sure what you meant by setting up Windows 10 VMs? Do you mean you want to store them on the NAS? If so, I would advise against that, unless performance isn’t an issue.

I used a PC with a large spinning rust drive for my VMs, that was with local, directly attached storage. I thought that would be more than enough for my VMs. Windows was booting off of an SSD and the VMs (mixed Windows and Linux) were running off the SATA HDD. I gave up after a week and bought a second, larger, SSD for the VMs, the install times dropped from 1.5 hours to under 10 minutes on the VMs and general performance was also better (using HyperV).

Unless the TrueNAS device is running on a 10gpbs network segment and the VM host is also running at 10gpbs, I wouldn’t bother with it as a host for the VMs. Likewise, if you are going to that trouble, I’d get a dedicated SAN with fibre optic connection to a dedicated RAID controller on the host.

If I misread it and it is just being used for joint file storage and archiving, that will probably work. Also, with 40TB, how are you planning to perform backups? Or are the VMs and all the data stored on them disposable? With a JBOD or striped array, there is no redundancy, if one drive fails and if the whole thing fails or goes up in smoke, you have lost everything.

The two 20tb hard drive are the same Western Digital
I have a 120 SSD drive for the Truenas Scale OS

I’m trying to setup both 20 Tb hard drive for use with jellyfin to hold my tv shows and movies

I can’t get jellyfin to work on truenas when I try to setup the tvshows and movies media folder to scan for the files it’s not seeing anything of them


I was hoping to setup Virtual Machine
With windows 10 to hopefully be able to setup jellyfin and get the tvshows and movies working

Rather than attempting to virtualize jellyfin because you are having issues, I would use the community support of TrueNAS to ask about the proper setup, including details of your attempted configuration. Jellyfin works very well on Linux.


I been looking :eyes: on truenas websites and I been doing what they say but I’m not sure if I miss something or not just getting it

I have Lenovo Thinkstation S30

When ever I try to install windows 10 it’s can’t see hard drive

That’s why I went to use truenas


I would prefer to use windows for the jellyfin server

Because I know my way around windows

I can’t find the drive to get windows installed

I tried the drive on Lenovo website didn’t not

I tried to google it but nothing

If anything one have the drive please send it to me please

Again, you will probably have much better luck reaching out on the TrueNAS community support forum, much as you are doing here. Everybody on that forum will be very familiar with TrueNAS configuration.

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What about the issue I’m having with my Lenovo Thinkstation S30 not seeing my hard drives when I’m trying to install windows 10

Do you know where I could download the software to fix this problem

Can you see them in the BIOS?

Once windows is installed, can you see them in the drive manager in the Computer Management MMC?

Does the controller need an extra driver that isn’t in the standard driver set from Microsoft?

I’m trying to install windows 10
When the computer boots up it’s can see the 2 hard drives with the option to setup raid on the computer but I just want to have 40tb not 20tb after raid

To put tvshows and movies on the both hard drive


If any one have software or driver to get windows installed and see the hard drives please let me know

Thanks again

You mentioned it was a Lenovo Thinkstation S30, here’s a link to Lenovo’s driver page for that model - workstations :: thinkstation s series workstations :: thinkstation s30contentdetail - Lenovo Support US

Make sure you’ve installed all the relevant drivers. Even if Windows automatically installed a generic driver, the manufacturer driver will often get you more performance+features.

You said earlier it was a windows VM you were trying to install. So are you planning to use truenas to run your hypervisor? That’s why I assumed that this was a configuration issue and not a driver issue. Let me know if I’m misunderstanding.

You’ve set up the two hard drives into a storage pool on TrueNAS right? NAS storage you set up in TrueNAS will not be visible in any VMs without setting up a bridge.

See here:

I’ve done this to back up some NAS data to external drive via a Linux VM.

TrueNAS Core is based on FreeBSD
TrueNAS Scale is based on Linux

Both allow you to install apps and VMs - I have Linux VM and Windows 10 VM that I can remote into.

I will be taking some pictures of what I have setup for my pool and jellyfin settings when I get home from work tonight

To see if you guys can walk me through it

This is how I got my two 20tb hard drives setup as

This Jellyfin setup

Do I have everything setup right or do I need to edit or reinstall jellyfin

Did you follow all of these steps?

That thread/forum be a good place to ask around. Pay special attention to the ACL instructions, or else the jellyfin service account won’t have access to the share. Best of luck.

I will read up on it

Tomorrow morning


I’ll keep you posted

If I need anything else about setting up jellyfin I will post it

Thanks again guys have a great night everyone

How are you getting media onto the server? Do you have an SMB share set up to your media folder?

I use Plex rather than JellyFin, but it’s a similar setup - you need to be able to get media to it over the network.

Yes I setup SMB

I can share files back and forth no issues