Samsung allegedly ending support for Bixby Voice on some devices in January

Wish they would end it on my S9!


Don’t you wish you could just ask: Bixby commit hara-kiri please.

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Does anyone actually use it? Just a button that gets knocked and annoys most people.

What’s with the physical button anyway? Should just be activated if you say “Hey Bixby”.

No, I reassigned it to another function - but you cannot totally turn it off now. It still turns on Bixby AND a 2nd function. Occasionally, I still accidentally activate Bixby.

If I remember right, before an update, there was a way to deactivate Bixby completely, and ONLY have it be assigned to another function. But apparently Samsung changed their mind on that.

I’ve seemed to basically eliminate it on my Note 10+. When they made the power and bixby button the same on the note it made it much easier to just turn off and make it a power button. I also turned off the bixby home screen as well. I will say that the bixby routines are useful. I know Google assistant has its own but it works well with the phone.

I very, very, very rarely use Google Assistant. But if I need it - that’s what I use. I have never used Bixby even 1x. I really wish they did not have that extra button on my S8, actually

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Yeah my wife agrees with you. She hated that on her S8. The S10e isn’t much better for her.

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