Samsung S20 FE Bluetooth audio fails since UI 3/Android 11 update?

Anybody else suffering from this fault on an S20 since the update? After a while, it refuses to play audio to any Bluetooth device. If you look at the devices panel, it’s stuck in a paused/playing loop.

Once this happens the only way to get it working again is safe mode, or factory reset the phone and start again.

Bit of a show-stopper for me, listening to audio via Bluetooth is what I do the most.

I’ve not seen that problem with my S20+. I have the Exynos chipped version.

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I spoke to Samsung in the end, and they remoted into the phone, but couldn’t help. All they could suggest was swapping the handset out or back to them for repair.

Pretty sure it’s software. I’ve done a settings reset and it will work again for a few days until the fault triggers. Worked fine on Android 10. Lots of similar complaints on the Samsung community :thinking:

UI 3/Android 11 bug-fix update plus the Jan security patches arrived this morning. :crossed_fingers:t2:it fixes the issue.

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Super. I got the update yesterday. Samsung seem to be much better than they used to be. Most months, if I remember, I can force the update through by the 5th of the month.

Yeah I’m impressed with the update frequency so far. Used to give me issues years ago on a OnePlus cos the MDM had a rule in it you couldn’t be > 3 months behind with security updates, so more often than not I couldn’t connect to work’s systems.

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