Google home trigger issue

Hello everyone

I have a bad issue with home automation

I have a few google home and amazon alexa in home
The problem is 2 of the google home devices (on 2different accounts) in different rooms, would trigger by calling them at same times time and do the stuff
It is really annoying
Anyone has any ideas how to precent this issue?
Specially when both start playing different music LOL
Thank you

There is not really any fix for this if they’re on different Home accounts. If they are on the same account they should know about each other, and only one should decide to act. (Inevitably you get one that works and one that stays silent OR else it says “something went wrong”.)


That’s really a bummer
How difficult it os to make them react to some other word

I don’t think that is a feature that Google offers. As far as I know it’s “Okay G” or “Hey G” or nothing.

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And often they don’t need the trigger word. I turned off the Google Assistant on my phone years ago, because my boss sitting in the next room on the phone would trigger it multiple times a day, by saying, “okay, okay, yes”. Likewise, at one point, taking the dog for a walk on a windy day would get the assitant triggered every 10 - 15 seconds.

I don’t use the assistant anyway, but wasn’t bothered at that time having it enabled. These days, I remove all Google services and apps from my Android phone, except the PlayStore.

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